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10 Famous Street Foods Around the World That You Must Try!

 Street Foods Around the World

There are many people in the world who love eating street food. So we are giving you a list of 10 famous street foods around the world that you must eat while visiting to those places. The list is as following:

1. Dürüm in Istanbul

 Dürüm in Istanbul

Durum is basically a wrap which is made with flatbreads such as Turkish yufka or Armenian lavash and is very famous in all over the world. Inside the wrap there is filling of spiced meat of lamb and chicken also. It is topped with the onions, tomatoes, lettuce and is eaten with the sauce. Moreover, you can find Durum in many European countries but its Turkish version is best because here the wrapped roll is grilled to make it crispier.

2. Tacos al pastor in Mexico City

Tacos al pastor in Mexico City

Tacos al pastor is a very famous street food not only in Mexico but all over the world. In this food, lamb is marinated in spices, dried chilies and pineapple also before being cooked. This is bought in Mexico by Lebanese people who were emigrated to Mexico. The famous toppings of Tacos al pastor are hot salsa and lime juice.

3. Supplì in Rome

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Suppli is very tasty fried rice ball and is a smaller version of Sicilian arancini and has mozzarella inside it. Some years before, it was sold by some street vendors in Rome but it has been popular all over the Rome and can find at any Roman pizza spot. Furthermore, this recipe also includes chicken gizzards, ragù which is prepared with tomatoes, ground beef as well as mozzarella.

4. Dosa in Chennai

Dosa in Chennai

Dosa is basically a street food of Chennai, India but is sold over now all over the India. This famous South Indian food is made using fermented rice batter and is filled with the mashed potatoes, peas and cheese. Dosa is very delicious and is eaten with a curry known as “Sambhar” and “Chutney” (sauce) which is made of using coconut.

5. Choripán in Buenos Aires

Choripán in Buenos Aires

Choripán is basically a type sausage sandwich which a staple of South American street food and is famous in Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Choripán is basically a grilled beef and pork sausage and divide down the middle and then places on crispy bread. It is topped with the garlicky chimichurri sauce and can be found in various street stalls in Argentina.

6. Egg Waffle in Hong Kong

Egg Waffle in Hong Kong

Egg Waffles was first came to Hong Kong in the year 1950 and since then it has been a very famous street snack. It is prepared using the egg batter between the two plates of metal on an open flame. You can usually eat egg waffle plain and in some places also chocolate and fruits added in it. Additionally, you can also find it in various flavours like green tea, chocolate, ginger etc.

7. Crêpes in Paris

Crêpes in Paris

Crepe in Paris is a very popular street snack and you can find it in every street of Paris. Savory crepes are generally prepared with buckwheat flour and are filled with the ham and cheese. There are also many versions which contain eggs and vegetables. Hence, don’t forget to eat Crepes in your next visit to the Paris.

8. Currywurst in Berlin

Currywurst in Berlin

In Berlin, Currywurst is a famous street food and has been there around since the year 1949. It is mainly combined with a steamed-then-fried pork sausage, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup as well as curry powder and then served with the bread or French fries. It is sold in all over the Germany but is very popular in Berlin and Hamburg.

9. Espetinho in Rio de Janeiro

Espetinho in Rio de Janeiro

If you are planning to visit Brazil then you must eat Espetinho. Espetinho in Portuguese means “little skewer” and you will find it in the streets of Rio and other cities of Brazil. The main and common variety of it is spiced beef or chicken. In this snack, anything which can be stuck on a skewer can be found: hot dogs, cubes of fish, sausages and non-melting cheese which is known as queijo coalho.

10. Hokkien mee in Singapore

Hokkien mee in Singapore

Singapore is famous all over the world as a perfect tourist destination but it’s one of the street food is also famous which is known as Hokkien mee. This is basically a stir-fried noodle dish which contains egg noodles, rice noodles, pork, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, garlic, squid as well as soy sauce. Hokkien mee is mainly garnished with the chili sauce which is called as sambal and lime.  

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