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All about Traditional clothing from Guatemala by Diego Rivas

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It is notable for the elaboration of its fabrics and its laborious fabrics are the most colorful of all America, the traditions that surround the typical clothing of the Guatemalan people are very influenced by their history mainly, although it is also a form of expression in some of their communities.

The traditional Guatemalan Costume "EL HUIPIL":

It has a very deep meaning that goes from the economic position of the person who carries it to deeper meanings, are unique fabrics, it is the most decorated and colorful, in a personal way I think they are to put them in a frame with glass to admire all the beauty, worthy of being in the best fashion exhibitions in the world to be unique as fingerprints, they carry much ornament where the main inspiration of the Mayan women and men is its daily Live like their bean seeds their corn for tortillas the dog's footprints sheep grazing but also in this 2017 their inspirations are also other among them climate change and as their communities are affected by the lack of water for consumption, arid lands Lack of food and all that entails said change, also in some cases represent the widows or mourning for the death of a close relative, Are fabrics made with feeling and meaning their way of expressing those feelings of concern and joy is weaving. In some cases, it still keeps meanings ranging from a particular vision of seeing the world in which ancient tales, ancestral myths and customs of their ancestors.

HUIPIL traditional guatemala
Guatemala is made up of 117 municipalities of the 12 departments that make up the Guatemalan territory and it should be mentioned that each municipality has its own tissues. This intangible legacy of symbolic identity is today, almost a part of the past.

Guatemalan looms:

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Even at this time indigenous women continue to use classic looms these looms are the same as those used more than three thousand years ago by the ancient Mayas, these are composed of four sticks, a rope, a rope and a sash used On the hips with which it obtains the necessary tension to interweave its forms and figures, this loom uses a pound of cotton and perhaps a pair of skeins of silk, is not simple for the weavers since one of the most notorious disadvantages is the Large amount of time is needed to make fine brocade pieces, can take up to three months in processing.

Many of the styles are about to disappear, the main reason for this is used clothing that comes from the United States at prices of less than $ 0.25 US cents versus the high cost of craftsmanship its long time-making, children And young people now do not want to continue with the customs of countless generations and those that exist to date are maintained thanks to a very small number of weavers.

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Zapato Artesano:

The footwear industry in Guatemala has reached very competitive levels in the case of shoes made industrially speaking, on the other hand we are the ones who continue to make shoes HANDMADE, HANDMADE with raw materials that are bought directly from the manufacturer both Furs of first quality like typical fabrics of different municipalities and departments.

Elaboration if it is handmade shoe: It takes almost a day for each pair of shoes, all the work is done by hand and each pair is unique the quality control is very demanding that goes from the election of the best skins up in the elaboration of the Pieces to be used in cloth, our soles in the case of artisan shoes are made of fur, if the client asks for it we can also use soles of different materials ranging from polyurethane, PVC, natural rubber and we have very modern soles styles .

handmade shoes guatemala

Our threads are the most resistant and modern for the main seam of the sole. The interior of all our shoes has a pigskin lining from a factory that has more than 45 years in the market of such skin, pig skin gives a feeling of softness and is more hygienic than the common lining, the best brands of Footwear worldwide use it and we have the best quality.

We can do almost any style of footwear, we have the shapes and we have trained stylists and modelers and the best manpower.

Non-handmade shoes: They take less labor work because for these shoemaking machines are used, the selection of skins, threads, fabrics and soles is always the most rigorous and our quality control is also demanding.

Home Supplies:

For the moment we are making cushions for living rooms with details of typical fabrics.

 cushion traditional


We make clothing for women as blouses and pants.

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* Guest Blog Post by: Diego Rivas

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