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How to Travel Europe on Low Budget?

travel to europe

There is no doubt that Europe is one of the most attractive tourist destination in all over the world. There are various beautiful countries in Europe where tourists want to travel but if you have low budget then it is difficult to travel there. With the rise in the European currency travelling to Europe has become expensive. Visitors who travel regularly often learn that you can evade many charges by planning forward and selecting a non-traditional destination. Hence, here we are giving you some tips by following which you can travel to Europe on a low budget.

* Select cheap European Destination:

There are some countries in Eastern Europe like Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey and Romania which still affordable as compare to the Western European countries such as England, Spain, France or Italy. So, you will find all luxuries and facilities in countries of Eastern European also as these also offer wonderful cultural experiences. Berlin is also amongst the cheap countries in Europe. This country offers reasonable price tickets to explore the country and accommodations are also very cheap here.

* Look for budget friendly flights to European countries:

You should look out for flights on total airfare sites such as Destination Europe and Airfare Planet, Kayak before booking your tickets. Believe booking the cheapest ticket to a country in Europe from your airport. After you arrive, book the tickets on low price travel airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet or to other European destinations. Moreover, this is amongst the best alternative if you are visiting very light along with the carry ons because you can evade extra baggage and lost luggage charges. Also, avoid travelling during the peak travel times.

* Try to get cheap accommodations in European countries:

While travelling to the European countries, who should prefer to stay in hostels or cottages instead of expensive hotels. You must compare the rates and you are far more probably to find a reasonable option in the area, than a traditional hotel. Furthermore, if you are planning to stay in hotels, then you are possibly to find a fair deal on various services by booking a package in advance.

* Go for budget European Dining:

You should restrict restaurant meals and limit out the eating to once a day and if you are staying in hostels then you can cook food by own. In addition to this, you can also select the pub, trattoria or tapas bar as an alternative of a sit-down restaurant.

* Budget Sightseeing in Europe:

Before leaving your home country you should definitely search for the free attractions in European country where you are travelling. You can search that where the entry fee is required to visit museums or parks. As there are many museums and parks in the European countries which don’t have an entry fee. You can also visit to the tourist office in the city where you are travelling. They will give the local maps as well as tips so that you can explore the place at low price.

Apart from all these, you should not withdraw the money from the ATM in abroad. As there are more chances that you are probably to obtain a very poor exchange rate from your bank. Also, you must not leave your home country without exchanging the currency and should avoid the exchanging the currency at the airport.

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