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7 Top Tourist Places in Turkey

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Turkey is an exclusive place that has beckoned to the senses from the initial of civilizations. This beautiful country provides a wealth of various types of destinations to travelers. Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul, is extensively known for its vibrant nightlife, Grand Bazaar as well as historic treasures such as Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Moreover, we are giving you 7 top tourist places in Turkey where you must visit. The list is as following:

1. Goreme Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is well-known for its strange and magnificent natural rock formations and an inimitable historical heritage. This is one of the best places for seeing the strange formations and is situated in a hug number of tuff cones which are named as fairy chimneys. These are formed due to the water erosion and wind of two diverse volcanic layers. Hence, this is a wonderful place where you must visit while travelling to Turkey.

2. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is situated in the Istanbul and was in real a cathedral which was constructed for the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I in the 16th century. This is a masterwork of the Roman Engineering and has a massive dome which of about 102 feet in diameter. Now, this is a very famous museum and is amongst the top attractions in the Turkey.

3. Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque in Istanbul is a must place that you should visit. It has a sweeping architecture with its 6 minerals. It is still used a mosque but is one of the top attractions in the city of Istanbul. It was constructed between the years 1606 to 1616 and inside the mosque the ceiling is very high which is lined up the 20,000 blue tiles. These blue tiles are arranged in the various beautiful patterns and that’s why the mosque is named as Blue Mosque.

4. Patara Beach

Patara is amongst the longest stretches of sandy beach and is stretched about 14 kilometers. The beach is mainly backed by the ancient Lycian and Roman ruins with no buildings observable apart from of a small café. This beach is also well known as the propagation ground of the endangered Loggerhead turtle. The close by village of Patara was the hometown of St Nicholas, the 4th-century Byzantine bishop who later conceded into legend as the Santa Claus.

5. Mount Nemrut

Nemrut is a 7,001 ft high mountain in southeastern part of the Turkey, close to the city of Adiyaman. The peak of Mount Nemrut offers an enchanting view of the nearby mountains. The key attraction is to observe the sunrise from the eastern terrace which gives the bodyless heads a beautiful orange shade as well as adds to the wisdom of ambiguity of the place.

6. Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos possess one of the best conserved theatres of ancient times. The theatre of Aspendos was constructed in the 155 AD throughout the rule of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.  This famous theatre has a seat capacity between the 15,000 - 20,000 viewers. As the area of stage was later used as a roadside inn in Seljuk times, it was constantly repaired as well as maintained. Therefore, the Aspendos Theatre has been able to endure to these days devoid of losing about any of its real qualities.

7. Pamukkale

The meaning of Pamukkale, in Turkish is “cotton castle” is illusory scenery in the western Turkey, well-known for its white terraces. The terraces are made up of travertine which is a sedimentary rock deposited by water, along with a mineral content from the hot springs. People bath in its pools and you can also see there the ruins of the baths as well as other Greek monuments.

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