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Takeover of the board of directors of Amit Yucatan Mexico on September 22, 2017


On the day September 22nd of 2017 was takeover the new board of directors of Amit Yucatán México, this act took place in the museum of Yucatecan Music, the act begun with the entry of the Mexican Flag by the Mexican Navy, next act was the honors to the Mexican flag and all the people sang the Mexican anthem.


To follow the words of Miss Rosa Isela Garcia Pantoja. President of Amit Yucatán.


Mr. Rolando zapata bello (governor of the state).
Mr. Mauricio vila dosal (mayor of the city of merida).
Mr. Fidel ovando zavala (president of the aso.mexicana of travel agencies amav cdad of mexico)
Representatives of various government sectors.
Chamber presidents.
Presidents and presidents of tourism, business and media associations.
Entrepreneurs of the tourism industry.
Lady and gentlemen accompanying us.

A name of the Mexican association of the tourism industry, amit chapter 1 yucatan, I give you the most cordial welcome and thank you its presence this night.

Today we celebrate the beginning of the 2 directing council of 2017-2019.

Which best framework to commemorate that the museum of the yucateca song, the house of trova considered cultural heritage for the excellence of the yucateco people.

I will open with the participations that had been during the period 2015-2017. June 14, 2014 amit yucatan is born in a breakfast at the port of progress for state tourists. Participated in the national convention of the amav city of mexico, in san cristobal de las casas chiapas, and at the adventura atmex tourism fair, with the participation of 7 partners.

January 20 2015, in the bello hotel itzamaltun, in the magical people of izamal, the 1 directive is presented, before local authorities, media and entrepreneurs of ramo.

During this period was attended different, forums, training, panel tables, places as the consumer protection act on travel agencies. With 5 directors attend to the annual assembly and protection taking of the 2015-2017 board of directors of the amav city of mexico at the museum of jose luis cuevas.

With 8 partners the breakfast at chetumal qroo was attended, as part of the presentation of amit qroo's birth, then there was a lunch and networking with bacalar tournament entrepreneurs.

Amit yuc. Formed part of the caravan to South America with the amav city of mexico a (colombia and peru). Make alliances with the royan caribbean and gave a breakfast for travel agencies in yucatan and campeche. It was attended at the 3th edition of the atmex adventure tourist fair, in palia chiapas, with 10 assistant affiliated partners.

A breakfast is delivered at the chamber of commerce of the city of mexico offering new local products to the travel agencies of the country capital. A press conference was given to know the breakfast that amit yuc would do in conjunction with the contact group (breast cancer), and all the collection would be for studies of mastographs, purchases of mayas línfodemas and protesis mamarias. A christmas breakfast is delivered to the media as a thank you for your attentions with the group and its valuable work. The hampton inn by hilton merida hotel is innaguration.


La amit yuc. It was present in the protection take of the national association of radio and television distributors of mexico, in the libertad theater. It was present at the yucatan re-discovery work table. Attempt to protest take the new directorate council of canaco servitur merida.

It has presence in the tourist tianguis of guadalajar. Participate in the national convention of amav city of Mexico held in, chetumal, bacalar and mahahual qroo.

Was invited to the inauguration of the Maya culture festival.
We accompany the association of avpey state preferred travel agencies in its change of board of directors.
We had a presentation in the annual report of activities of the association contact a.c.

Attended the innaguration of the week of the chinese republic in merida. It was invited to take protest of the new board of directors of the association of women communicators and journalists of yucatán a.c at theater daniel ayala.

As president give a plastic to the business partners of confetur yucatán titulated "the women of tourism", in the hotel holly.
Attendance of the marina breakfast in puerto progreso.
La amit yuc. Is part of the municipal council for regulatory improvement in progress.

Amit yuc signs a convention with the technological studies center of the sea, "cetmar 17" to support students to carry out their infrared practices with its affiliated members of the port.
I was invited to the panel of the "my point of view" program.
Benefits were granted with 95% discount to members so that they may have the federal tourism certificates in the "M" modernize distinctive and the "H" distinctive for hotels.

I want to say that during this process of materializing this association in the hand accompanying the lic. Fidel ovando zavala, president of the amav city of Mexico, many thanks fidel.


The tourism industry grows aggravated steps every day, it is a great generator of currencies and jobs for the country today we work on the 8th world place in receptive tourism. Yucatan does not go back, begins to create you new.

Miss Rosa Isela Garcia Pantoja MEXICO

By: Miss Rosa Isela Garcia Pantoja

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