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A must visit place in Guatemala “The Relief Map” By Francisco Grazioso

relief map guatemala

All begun in the year 1875, when Justo Rufino Barrios was president of Guatemala, he ask two guys, Claudio Urrutia and Francisco Vela to walk by the whole country. He wants to see the geographical division of Guatemala, Claudio Urrutia birth place was Costa Rica and Francisco Vela was an officer of Guatemalan army. These two persons walk by 5 years by Guatemala, looking each detail of the country, invented meanwhile the theodolite, is a instrument for make missure of lands. These both enthusiastic guys went with people who were good in drawing and both of them draw the volcanoes. Guatemala has 33 volcanoes right now are three active volcanoes, at that time Belize was the part of Guatemala until 1981 when they got it independence from England.

The construction of the Relief map lasts about 18 months, was made of bricks, and also they was very careful to put drainers and also put a water systems and pipes below map, because they needs to represent also on that map the lakes, seas as well as beaches of Guatemala.

In Guatemala before people use to bet, but at the time of Manuel Estrada Cabrera who was a dictator and president of Guatemala from 20th years and our novel prize of Literature Miguel Angel Asturias wrote about him in his winner prize book Mr President, give the fields of a place known like the race track of the north, the space for developing the map.

The map was open to the public on August 31th of the year 1895, has two towers to see the see the whole map. This map was made very carefully, under the inspection of both these persons. The map was set on the land, only one time in 1980 was re painted, has the right measures in meters of Volcanoes and also there the rivers that go through the valley. They also put the Keys, earlier that were of Guatemala, but now are known such as Belize Keys. In map, you can see both countries as well as the boarder lines with México, Honduras and El Salvador. All the volcanoes, rivers, and towns of Guatemala has tags over the places they set there. At that time there were not so much tools or technology to make the right measures of land but in the year 1999 personel of NASA came by to see the accuracy of the Map and them say that about 99.9 per cent that map was correct. The relief map also has aside a forest, where has harvested trees known as the ant male wood tree, why male? Because studies says that when an ant is male leave a bigger hole than a female ant, that trees are good for making marimba that is our national instrument and gives to the marimba good sound. The marimba came for Africa, is such as xylophone is made of steel or iron, and marimba is made of wood. Apart from this, the Relief Map a something unique on the world, so you should come and visit it in Guatemala City.

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* Guest blog, posted by:   Francisco Grazioso
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