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10 Most Popular Bridges in the World


In your life, you may have been visit through various bridges; the human being uses the technology of architecture for developing the bridges. But there are some bridges in all over the world which are regarded as the famous landmarks also. These are an important part of the infrastructures of places all around the world and due to their engineering wonder have become city icons. Hence, here we are giving you a list of 10 most popular bridges in the world.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is mainly a suspension bridge which spams the Golden Gate and is a passage between the Marin County and San Francisco. Its construction is made by architect Joseph B. Strauss and was completed in the year 1937. This is one of the main tourist attractions in San Francisco as well as California. In addition to this, when Golden Gate Bridge was completed it was the longest suspension bridge span in all over the world.

2. Ponte Vecchio

Medieval bridge above the Arno River in Florence; Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge which was survived in the World War II. This bridge is well known because the economic concept of bankruptcy was originated here. Here, butchers primarily occupied the shops but at present the tenants are jewelers, souvenir sellers and art dealers. So, you should once visit to Florence for seeing this magnificent bridge.

3. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is mainly a linked bascule as well as suspension bridge in the London above the Thames River. This is near to the Tower of London and is famous tourist attraction in UK. The construction of this tower was started in the year 1886 and took almost 8 years for its completion. Furthermore, it has two towers and is considered as an icon of London.

4. Rialto Bridge

This famous Bridge is in Venice, Italy and is one of the 4 bridges which span the Grand Canal.  Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge across the canal is point of attraction in Venice. It is also the dividing line for the districts of San Polo and San Marco. In addition to this, the single span was designed by Antonio da Ponte and its construction was finally completed in the year 1591.

5. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge in Sydney is amongst the most popular as well as photographed landmarks in Australia. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world along with the top of the bridge which stands about 440 feet above the Sydney Harbour. It was opened in the year 1932 and construction took 8 years to complete.

6. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

This well known brige is in Japan and is also known as the Pearl Bridge. This is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world with a height or about 6,532 feet. It spans the Akashi Strait and link Iwaya on Awayi Island and Kobe on the mainland. Moreover, it was opened in the year 1998 and took 12 years to construct.

7. Stari Most

Stari Most is one of the famous bridges in the world and cross the Neretva river in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was mainly construed in the year 1566 by the Ottaman Turks. Stari Most Bridge is the most recognizable landmarks of the country and originally was commissioned by Suleiman and is a must see bridges in the world.

8. Brooklyn Bridge

The construction of famous Brooklyn Bridge was completed in the year 1883. This bridge mainly connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and is the iconic landmark of New York. The bridge has a broad pedestrian walkway which is open for the cyclists and walkers. Therefore, when you visit to New York next time don’t forget to have a view of famous Brooklyn Bridge.

9. Great Belt Bridge

The Great Belt Bridge is in the Denmark and in fact the two bridges: Western section and Eastern section which are split by an island of Sprogø. Great Belt Bridge is also known as the Great Belt Fixed Link and is located in the Storebæltsbroen city.

10. Si-o-se Pol

Si-o-se Pol is a bridge of 33 arches and is a well known bridge in Isfahan city of Iran. This is extremely ranked as the one of the most popular examples of Safavid bridge design. Si-o-se Pol was commissioned by Shah Abbas I, in the year 1602 and was constructed of bricks and stones. Besides, this is 295 meters long and is a famous icon of the city.

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