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10 Destinations for Solo Travel, USA


Solo travel can be very vital in self-indulgence and is a completely special experience not just than traveling with family or friends, but traveling for business also. Traveling solo is an energizing experience that everyone must try and also there are many benefits of traveling without a partner. You get to do the things you want to do and get an opportunity for learning about yourself. Hence, here are giving you a list of 10 Destinations for Solo Travel USA.

1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is amongst the top of the list of Solo Travelling in USA. The good and mass transport system of this place makes easy for a solo traveler to go around in a hassle free manner. Here you can rent out a bicycle and visit to whole city on 18 mile ride also along with the Chicago Lakefront Trail. This city has much to present, including lots of shopping, a never-ending lakefront and more as well as it provides great for travelers of all ages. Moreover, when you will visit too Chicago doesn’t forget to have a slice of famed deep dish pizza and taking a picture of your reflection in Chicago’s Cloud Gate.

2. Portland, Oregon

For keeping you busy while traveling alone, Portland is crowded city full of activities. This Oregon city has a wonderful gracious and laidback vibe for welcoming all the travelers in an efficient manner. You should travel to this beautiful city during the time of seasonal festivals and also enjoy a flavor at the Portland Brewing Company’s taproom. Apart from this, the forested trails in this city are perfect for a peaceful walk.

3. Washington, DC

The U.S. capital, Washington, DC offers a lot of options for the solo travelers. Here you must use the metro to get around the city instead of car. As metro is very easy as well as safe if you are on solo travelling. As you are travelling alone, so you can visit to the places in which you have interest. For example if you have interest in history then you can visit to the National Museum of Natural History or National Museum of American History. If you love to spend time on outdoors then take you can take a tour of National Mall, and Moonlight Night Tour.

4. San Francisco

The openness of San Francisco has made this place one the best place for the single travelers. Here you can walk alone, have a coffee and have a food of your choice. San Francisco is a great place to be navigated as well as discovered on foot and the locals of this place are very warm and accepting. Solo cable car ride and walkable cities are perfect for the solo travelers. As advice, you should bring or arrange extra cash while visiting to this place because sometimes it can be rather expensive.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Counted amongst the oldest city of America, boston is an amazing place to tackle alone. This city offers you various things to do. You can go to the 2.5-mile long Freedom Trail through Boston for discovering several main historical sites. In this city the red bricked lined route is stretches to the attractions such as the Old State House, the Boston Common and the USS Constitution. You can also reward yourself after a day of making a tour at the Museum of Fine Arts and trying something at the Sam Adams Brewery.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a solo-traveler friendly city as there are many things to do and surely you will get an amazing experience by traveling here. In this city you can walk around in various parks and museums alone. There are rails and cabs available to get around this city so you should avoiding car by your own. Los Angeles is a land of rich and the famous so it is little expensive also. Thus, you must avoid the tourist flares and main areas to save up on the prices.

7. New York City

New York City is an ideal American travel destination and is best for the travelers who are travelling solo, with friends, families and anyone in between. This city is packed with the things to do like tasting the food, walk around parks, roads and many more. You can walk to the central Park and click a selfie at the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City is very expensive so you should pack some extra cash with you. Hence, it is one of the perfect places in US for solo travelling.

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is an ideal destination for the people who travel alone as this place is rich in history and bustles with various activities. You should surely visit to the Independence National Historical Park as you will see there the iconic symbol of American independence. From the tower’s observation deck, you can also have 360 degree views of Philadelphia. So, if you are a person that loves to visit the museums and have interest in history then you should definitely visit this place in US.

9. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is situated at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountain. Boulder is a dream of solo traveler and there is about 30,000 acres of land that is open to the public. You can spend your days here in hiking Chautauqua Park and Flatirons. It is the perfect place to explore along and you can also enjoy here the fresh air and stay close to the nature.

10. Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re looking to travel solo then you should definitely visit Nashville. This is the ultimate solo travel destination for the people who loves music and is known as the one of the friendliest cities in the US. Here you can visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium, The Hermitage and many more places. Furthermore, Nashville also has hiking trails and parks. In addition to this, the price of wandering here ranges from low to average so you should go there by making a good budget.


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