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Top 10 things to do in NYC

new york city

In the United States, New York City is the most crowded city and has been explained as the financial and cultural capital of the world. If you love to travel and want to explore this beautiful place then you are at right place. Here, we are giving you a list of Top 10 things to do in NYC.
1. Times Square

Times Square is the center of the Theater District and is the most frenetic part of NYC. Its biggest traveler draw is the yearly New Year's Eve ball drop. Tourists come here for hang out and is the best site for the billboards. You will find various shopping malls and best restaurants in times square which amidst the flashing lights.

2. Central Park

Central Park is beautiful, big and buzzing. This is mainly an urbanized Eden that gives the visitors as well as residents a bite of apple. Central Park covers area of over 843 acres and here you see the beautiful man-made lakes, wildlife sanctuary and lot more. Moreover, it is a perfect place that you should visit and is ideal for picnic also.

3. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an Art Deco monument and is a symbol for NYC. This is recognized worldwide and is a pencil-slim silhouette. This was the tallest building of the world for an implausible 43 years. The views of the New York City from the 86th floor deck are stunning, but form the 102nd floor you will be able to view the 80 miles away.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous and noblest landmarks of the NYC. This bridge stretched over the east river and connects the Brooklyn and Manhatten. This is amongst the oldest suspension bridges in the nation. Apart from this, you can take the A and C train to High Street stop in Brooklyn and leisurely walk along the bridge back to Manhattan.

5. Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island

The first glimpse of America was the Statue of Liberty for various immigrants. The Statue of Liberty looks totally royal from a distance, but it is even more stirring close up. When you are on a visit to the NYC then you should start the day early and take a ferry to Liberty Island. You should also visit to the Ellis Island to go Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

6. 9/11 Memorial Museum 

9/11 Memorial is basically a memorial museum and here the waterfalls are said to be the biggest man made waterfalls in the region of North America. There is a 30-foot waterfall which sits on the footprint where the Twin Towers formerly stand. Covering the 9/11 Memorial pools at the plaza level are bronze panels which are adorned with the names of the 2,983 citizens who were killed in the terror attacks at the World Trade Center.

7. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a beautiful train station at NYC. Apart from taking train from here, travelers mainly visit to this station to see its magnificent beauty. It is the best example of Architecture of America and was built in the year 1913. Furthermore, it is amongst the biggest railway stations in the world and over 20 million visitors visit this station every year.

8. American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is incredible and there are about 32 million artifacts inside. This museum is continuously crowded, but you will look less people if you visit here in a weekday in the late winter. Here you can see art representing 5,000 years of history and it open every day from 10 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.

9. The High Line

The High Line, NYC is a landscaped park which stretches more than three of the city's lively neighborhoods which are West Chelsea, the Meatpacking District and Hell's Kitchen. Here you will see curving walkways, public art installations, benches, Manhattan skyline and a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

10. Guggenheim-Museum

Guggenheim-Museum is amongst the popular art museums in the NYC and it is reckoned for its renowned architecture. It is situated Manhattan's Upper East Side and you can reach there on the 5 and 6 trains to 86th Street. Guggenheim-Museum is an excellent collection of art as well as fine curated shows. Additionally, your visit to NYC is incomplete without visiting this wonderful place.

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