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7 Best Tourist Attractions in London, England

London, England

London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and attracts more than 15 million visitors every year. This place is filled with the unusual things to see as well as one of the greatest concentrations of cultural attractions in the world. So, here we are giving you a list of 7 Best Tourist Attractions in London, England where you must visit.

1. The Tower of London

The Tower of London was constructed by William the Conqueror in the year 1078 and is the longest running tourist attraction in the world. The tower and the nearby buildings are unbelievable and you could blissfully spend hours in wandering throughout the narrow corridors as well as the grand halls imagining that what type was there in the tower 1,000 years ago. Moreover, do not forget to visit the Crown Jewels also Jewels which are reserved securely in the Jewel House, waiting to overwhelm the visitors.  

2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the chief house of Queen Elizabeth II while it is owned by the British state. This is open for visitors from July - September and you have the chance to spot the royal gardens and state rooms. These rooms marvelously furnished with the abundant ornaments and are used by the regal family still also when amusing their guests. Hence, you cannot visit London without taking a tour for seeing the authorized residence of The Queen.

3. London Eye

The London Eye is largest observation wheel in Europe and is located on the banks of the River Thames. With a height of 443 ft this high observation wheel carries 32 external glass-walled capsules. It was constructed for marking millennium celebrations of London in 2000. This gives the unbelievable views over mid London and is the most famous paid tourist attraction in England, which is visited by more than 3.5 million people yearly.

4. Tower Bridge

In London, the Tower Bridge is a joint bascule and suspension bridge over the River Thames. It is near to the Tower of London and has become an iconic sign of London. It construction was started in the year 1886 and took up to the 8 years to build finally. Tower Bridge comprises of mainly two towers which are joined mutually at the higher level by two parallel walkways which are intended for enduring the forces of the balanced sections of the bridge.

5. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Big Ben Clock Tower is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in London and is 150 year old. This is the biggest four-faced chiming clock in the planet and is one more iconic symbol in London. The name Big Ben really refers not to the clock tower itself, but to the 13 ton bell housed inside the tower. Below it, widening along the Thames, are the Houses of Parliament which is the seat of Parliament in the UK and is a well known tourist attraction in London.

6. Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square are well known tourist spots of London. Trafalgar Square is a large city square which was built for commemorating Lord Horatio Nelson’s win against Napoleon’s navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805. This is one of the most famed city squares in the world. Piccadilly Circus symbols the uneven intersection of numerous busy streets - Piccadilly, Haymarket, Regent, and Shaftesbury Avenue. It overlooks this somewhat messy roar of traffic stands in best-known sculpture in London, the winged Eros carefully balanced on one foot, bend over poised.

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral was built in the 17th century is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in London. The Cathedral was bravely saved by the firefighters when it was bombed in the IInd World War. At present, the lookalike Baroque towers and wonderful 365 ft dome of St Paul's are a masterwork of English architecture. Additionally, its inspiring dome was motivated by the St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and rises 365 ft to the cross at its top.

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