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What are some life lessons that you learn while trekking?

life lessons that you learn while trekking

Trekking is something that people want to do and escape from their busy life. There are many places in world which are famous for trekking. While trekking you enjoy and have fun but you also learn some lessons which are connected to your life. If you are a trekking buff or you want to do trekking then you must go on as you will also some learn some life lessons. Therefore, lessons that you definitely learn about life while trekking are as following:

1. Fun is very important no matter what kind of it is

Yes, when we all were in our childhood we always wanted to grow, but now we realize that childhood days are best. In childhood days we do lots of fun and enjoy our life. But now we don’t have time for ourselves and make happy ourselves by doing lots of fun and enjoy life. Lots or work pressure, stress and other responsibilities make us a responsible but boring person. So, if you will go on trekking then you will surely have an extra ordinary fun while climbing a mountain as compare to other types of fun. Hence, trekking will make you feel very satisfied and you will connect to your soul.

2. Always protect the environment, do not harm it

When you will start trekking then you will find out how this place is different from the cities or urban areas. Soft lush green areas, pure river of waters and tress will give you a feeling that how there is need to protect the environment in cities.  Moreover, while doing trekking you will come to know how fragile our environment is and we require looking after it for our future.

3. You get confidence to get out from your comfort zone and survive

Sometimes getting out from your comfort zone is not easy at all. When you live in your home you feel comfortable and you became habitual to it. But while trekking you will come out of your comfort zone and will learn how to survive in bad conditions also. Letting your physical limitation to travel around Lake, Peak or any high altitude pass will give you a satisfied feeling which you will not forget in your life.

4. Understand the importance of water

While trekking you will find many natural water resources and it is always pure water. As compare to packaged drinking water this water is pure. At various places you will also feel that there is self-cleansing system in waterfalls. Selection of a camping site is extremely depends on water since you cannot trust the weather.

5. Trekking is sometimes better than being addictive to social media

Everyone now a days is addicted to social media. People of all age groups are directly or indirectly use or follow social media as it becomes an important part to our life. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or many other social media channels people are active on these channels. But once go for a trekking trip you will find the pleasure and happiness that you never feel before. Pure water, fresh air, better light, natural scenery of hills will make you forget the polluted cities very easily. Therefore, if there is no mobile network then don’t worry, ensure that you are fully connected to your soul.

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