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Roopkund Trek, India: One of the best treks in the World

If you are planning to do trekking in India, the Roopkund trek is a must do! In Uttarakhand state of India, Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake. This lake is frozen for almost whole year and is a famous trekking destination for its amazing natural beauty. Roopkund lake is also called as the Mystery Lake because there Skeleton remains of 100s of people which were found near the lake. This is located at the altitude of about 16,000 feet and is renowned in whole world.

Roopkund offers many things for a nature fanatic and set amidst one of the most scenic backdrop. In this trek you will came across by seeing Deep virgin forests, breath-taking campsites, gurgling brooks, snow and ice, long stretch of oak forest as well as exotic landscape of Himalayas. The Roopkund trail climbs out of superb dark forests and suddenly you will see the view of mesmerizing Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal.

Bedni Bugyal
In this amazing trek, you will also get a chance to look at the State flower of Uttarakhand, Brahma Kamal (Scientifically known as Saussurea obvallata). Brahma Kamal is founded only at the altitude of 14000 feet (4500 m). Other than Brahma Kamal you can also see here Fan Kamal and Neel Kamal. All these amazing flowers grow at the high altitude in the Himalayan region.  

Brahma Kamal, State Flower of Uttarakhand

Reasons to do Roopkund Trek

Here, we are giving you 3 most important reasons that you must do the Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand. These are as following:

1. Roopkund Trek is perfect for beginners; you can do this trek if you want to experience the high altitude. Its altitude is about 16000 feet, which is higher than the Mt Blanc, highest summit in Europe. Roopkund trail is amongst the trekking trails in India which are very safe for the beginners. If you will read well about the Roopkund Trek then there will be no need to take a guide.

 2. There are various amazing views which you see from the Roopkund trek. Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal are the twin meadows in this trek, which are the largest high altitude meadows in India. There are also oak forests which are the densest in this part of India. These are stretch vertically for approximately 3,000 feet. On the way to Roopkund when you reach Junargali you will get a stunning view of the base of two Himalayan peaks, Mount Trishul (7,120 m) and Nanda Ghunti (6,310 m). Trishul is amongst the most stunning mountain faces that you will ever see in your whole life.

Mount Nanda Ghunti on the Left and the Trident peaks of Trishul on the Right

3. The final reason t0 do Roopkund Trek is that you will surely experience a trekking adventure which will touch the core of your heart by its absolute intensity as well as thrill. It will give you a great dose of adventure that you will never forget.

How to reach Roopkund Lake?

One of the most popular base locations for Roopkund Trek is a place which is known as “Lohajung”. This is basically a small village where you can reach by the public transport and can be approached from the two sides of Uttarakhand, which are Kumaon and Garhwal. We recommend reaching Lohajung from Kumaon side because it is more convenient as well as more scenic.  

Kumaon and Garhwal regions, Uttarakhand

Reach from Kumaon side:

*From Delhi you can take a train to Kathgodam, Ranikhet Express is the best train because it departs from Delhi at night and arrives Kathgodam at morning about 4 am.  

*Then you can opt for the direct bus from Kathgodan to Lohajung which takes about 13-14 hours to reach Lohajungs and departs at 5 am on morning from Kathgodam.

*You can also engage a private taxi to Lohajung from Kathgodam for about 4000-4500 INR.

Reach from Garhwal side:

*Travelers coming from the Garhwal sides take the way to start their journey climbing from Rishikesh.

*You can reach from Delhi to Rishikesh via Haridwar by train or by flight which departs from Delhi Airport to Jollygrant Aiport, Dehradun. From airport you can easily reach Rishikesh by auto or bus.

*After reaching Rishikesh you can take a direct bus to Lohajung (fare- 380 INR per seat) which departs at 5 am in the morning and takes upto 14-15 hours to reach Lohajung. Or you can opt to hire a private taxi also at the rate of 4500 INR.

Where to stay in between?

If you will choose public transport for reaching to Lohajung then it will be very difficult because bus will take you there by taking 13-14 hours without some stopping. So while coming from Kathgodam, you should stay at Gwaldam and enjoy the wonderful view of nature and magnificent surroundings. Before reaching Lohajung, you can also stay at Debal where you will accommodation at low budget.

If you are going from the Rishikesh then Karanprayag and Srinagar are the two main good options which provide upright facilities for tourists.

Roopkund Trek in different seasons

If you are a casual trekker then you should go there from mid of May to the end of October.

*May to July: In the month of May and June Roopkund lake is totally snow covered so you can have a good view of snow covered Roopkund lake.

Snow covered Roopkund lake 

*August to September: It is the busiest season for trekking in Roopkund and best time to trek here. The trekking trail is fine outlined till the lake and hence, comfortable for the trekkers who are trekking for the first time.

*In October the snowing season begins in this part of Himalayas. So, if you want to witness the snowfall and snow-storming then this month is best for you to trek Roopkund Lake.

Number of Days needs for Roopkund Trek

Route 1: (6 days, 5 nights)

Lohajung - Didina - Ali bugyal - Bedni Bugyal - Patal Nachauni - Kalu Vinayak - Bhagwabasa - Roopkund Lake

Route 2: (4 days, 3 nights)

Wan-Bedni Bugyal (12 km) - Patal Nachauni (5 km) - Kalu Vinayak (3 km) - Bhagwabasa (1 km) - Roopkund Lake (4 km)

Moreover, if you are planning to do trek in the month of May then it may take some more days depending on the snow condition on the last leg (4km) to Roopkund Lake.

What thing you should carry on Roopkund Trek?

While going for Roopkund you have to spend about 4 to 5 nights in the tent so you require carrying total trekking accessories as well as food. If you are 3 to 4 people and driving your own vehicle to Lohajung then you should take the items given below in the list:

5 Kg Rice, 2 Kg pulse, Salt, Spices, Oil, 1 Kg Milk Powder, Sugar, Tea, Biscuits, Noodles, Dry fruits, Snacks, multi vitamins, Glucose, Essential medicines as well as other food supplements.

With regards to trekking accessories, all can be rented from Lohajung or Wan. From here, you can get tents, crampons, sleeping bags, ice axe, ropes as well as ropes from the trek organizers at reasonable prices.

Is Roopkund Trek doable without a trek organizer?

Trekking in Roopkund can always be doable without a trek organizer or trek organizing company. You can easily get porters, trekking gears, mules, guides and every essential thing at Lohajung or Wan. You can organize everything after reaching to these base locations and hence, there is no requirement to book anything in advance.

Various Charges:

Here we are giving you the rough or approx price of various trekking and essential accessories:

Sleeping bag and Mat: 50 INR per night
Guide: 500 INR per day
Mule: 400 INR per day
Entry price for Mule: 25 INR per mule per night,
Permit charges: 60 INR per trekker
Entry charges for support staff like Guide or Cook): 20 INR per person
Waste Management Fee:  10 INR per associate per day
Rent for Fiber huts from Forest Department: 200 INR per night
Prices for pitching in Tent:  100 per tent for one night

* Fiber huts: These are available at the Patal Nachauni, Bedni Bugyal, Bhagwabasa. In this, about 3 to 4 can accommodate easily. But during the peak season you should do advance booking of Fiber huts.

Tents at Roopkund Trek

Approximate expenses:

If you are group of 3 to 4 people then the total expenses (Lohajung – Lohajung, Wan – Wan) would be about 6000-7000 INR including guide, mule, grocery items and permit. 


The Roopkund trek is categorized as a trek of modest difficulty. You should not think of stepping on the Roopkund trek without any previous preparation. You should begin by jogging each day till when you are able to jog a distance of about 5 km in half an hour and 4 times in a week. Also do about 3 sets of squats along with the 8 squats in every set for strengthening your knees as well as thigh muscles. You should also do stretching at the end of each work out for preventing injuries. Therefore, make certain that you stretch every day also during your trek, to reach the campsite with no hassles. 
Roopkund Trek

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