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Super Rich Holiday Destinations for Rich Traveler: By- Sophia Peterson

Super Rich Holiday Destinations for Rich Traveler

The travel destinations of billionaires according to Traveler Made, specialized in super-luxury travel

If you are lucky, you cross rich traveler at the boarding gate. Naturally, they are the first to get on board. Then they disappear and you cannot see them anymore. Where they go, what they do ... who knows. We are talking about UHNWI or Ultra High Net worth Individuals. The super rich travelers, in other words. They lock up on the second floor of their First Class where we can only imagine what is served for dinner and how they are treated by flight attendants.

But often the rich people travel with private jets. No departure time, no baggage limit, no late passengers to wait. Yes, because there are two travel circuits: ours and theirs. Usually the rich ones choose very particular destinations. After years we discover them too and crowd them. In the meantime, they, the rich, have already gone elsewhere.

According to Traveler Made, specialized in super-luxury and tailor-made trips, which more than travels are experiences, in 2018 millionaires will choose these destinations: Rwanda is the first choice in luxury destinations, chosen because here you can meet the Big Five and the gorillas, followed by another African country that arouses great charm or Botswana where to go on safari in unspoiled nature. And yet, among the choices of the rich there is also Zambia - sadly famous for the numerous hunting reserves - and Zimbabwe where flying over Victoria Falls by helicopter.

In these countries there are luxury lodges immersed in nothingness, very expensive and with very few suites (or villas). Among the new trends is to do glamping, sleeping in a wonderful tent complete with a bathroom, swimming pool and ayurveda spa treatment that is mounted by an entire team made available in the most beautiful part of the savannah. Chosen by the customer naturally.

In addition to Africa, Sri Lanka is also very popular among the rich people, and it is once again an ideal destination for honeymooners. But not one of those we would do: a honeymoon focused on yoga and meditation, on dinners based on vegan foods, sunbathing in the shade of palm trees, spreading creams with a hundred protection factors. Because the sun, you know, hurts and being too tanned is back to being vulgar as it happened in the eighteenth century.

Supergettonati are also Japan, followed by the Maldives and the United States. No Air bnb of course. Only skyscrapers penthouses with stunning views or water villa with room service.


South Africa, New Zealand, France, Australia, India, Chile and Greece complete the ranking of the most requested destinations by billionaires. Maybe visited on board of luxury trains, helicopters and private planes, staying in isolated villas with servants and secretarial groups. The budget for a holiday like this? Starting at 30 thousand Euros, at least. So Plan your luxurious vacation within your budget and explore the beautiful places in the world which gives you a lifetime and unforgettable experience. 

*Guest Blog post by Sophia Peterson

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