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Know About Wonderful Nation Egypt by Mohammed Asran

egypt nation

Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt), is a sovereign country of Africa in the westernmost part of the Mashrak (east). It is a transcontinental country, it is located mainly in the extreme northeast of Africa whereas in Asia, it is in the peninsula of Sinai. It borders with Sudan to the south, with Libya to the west and with the Palestinian state and Israel to the northeast. To the north limits with the miditerrano and to the southeast with the Red Sea. Most of its surface is integrated in the desert. The Nile River crosses the desert from north to south, forming a narrow valley and a large delta at its mouth in the Mediterranean. Nearly half of the Egyptians live in urban areas, especially in the densely populated centers of Cairo's capital city and Alexandria.

Egyptian Arabic has adopted elements of the Egyptian language since pre-Islamic times, as well as Turkish, French and English. In the Nubian region is spoken to the ancient Nubian language. The Berber language is used in various settlements in the oases of the western desert. Coptic Christians use the Coptic language to serve the liturgy. In the Egyptian schools ingles and French are taught.

Tourism is one of Egypt's main sources of foreign exchange earnings, both by the tourists themselves and by the significant investments made by international hotel chains. Due to the nature of the tourist activity, it generates a very important number of jobs, which include personnel from: Tourism agencies, Hotels, manufacturing and marketing of handicrafts, transport, among others. You can identify three main areas where the tourist activity is located. These are: Cairo, Luxor Aswan Hurricane Sharm El sheihk and Alexandria.

Cairo at the Nile River, Egypt
Egypt was the cradle of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which together with the Mesopotamia were the origin of the current Western culture, decisively influencing the history of humanity. The remnants of civilization mark the country as the pyramids and the great sphinx or the southern city of Luxor containing a large number of ancient remains, such as the temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings Egypt is currently an important political and cultural center of the Middle East and is considered a regional power.

ancient egypt civilization

The history of Ancient Egypt is divided into three empires with intermediate periods of internal conflict and domination by foreign rulers. The Antiguan Empire was characterized by the flourishing of the arts and the construction of immense pyramid. During the middle empire (2050-1800 BC), after a stage of decentralization, Egypt experienced a period of splendor in its economy. In the New Empire (1567-1085 BC) the Egyptian monarchy reached its golden age conquering the neighboring towns and expanding its dominions under the direction of the pharaohs of the dynasty XV111. The last dynasty was overthrown by the Persians in the year 341.A C who in turn were replaced by Greek rulers and Romans, period that began towards the year 30 a. As a result of the defeat of Cleopatra and Marco Antonius in the battle of Actium, which brought seven centuries of relative peace and economic stability. 

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