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A brief description about Brazil by Fabrício Reis

Brazil by Fabrício Reis

India, China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil form the bricks block economic that has been consolidated as an alternative in the flow of the world trade we have in common besides emergent parents a cultural and religious diversity something that we unite and we minify a friendship because Brazil As all of Latin America was colonized by Europeans who left Christianity, Allan Kardec's spiritualism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, as well as a significant presence of African religions, which now mixes with the religious timing of the indigenous matrix of our first native inhabitants. In the 70's came the Hollywood hippes, Indians, India, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc ... In every family there is always someone who follows this logic. In my for example there is strong Catholic Christian presence, there is also presence in a lesser proportion of other native Indians, Confucianism, Buddhism, these two last is more common among intellectuals and academic medium, but following Eastern hollywoodian spiritualism.

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My city, further north is known as a route of religious tourism, immaterial cultural heritage of mankind catagolada by UNESCO, called Círio de Nazaré, during the month of October, the chaotic environment of a city in rapid urban growth gives way there Of three centuries of history two festivities that is an immersion of rhythms, colors, flavors and spices of the exotic Amazonian forest here. A cultural, religious and high season synchronization, where the number of inhabitants doubles. With approximately two million pilgrims being the number of national tourism is very significant.

Here in the botanic garden of the Amazon, for decades, started in the 70s, along with the American hippe movement, a yoga class, any person, any citizen, whether national or foreign, can participate in the classes and I confess that the group Is very welcoming, the shade of 16 hectares of the park forest of Amazon rainforest, with large trees is a space for leisure and entertainment.

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Here in Brazil our fame is known worldwide as the land of soccer, samba and carnival, and so it works here these sectors are quite improved that attracts millions of tourists every year in search of entertainment and leisure.

However, what few people know is that the country of carnival every year see themselves becoming eclectic, in the great Brazilian cities are becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, the redemocratization of Brazil in 1985 until the present day the country has be open to the world Intensifying trade with nations of America, Africa and Asia and Oceania.

In the city where my family has lived for over a hundred years, it still lacks infra-structure, in some sectors, our hotel network is small, our main house of spectacle that is a replica of the Milan scalla neoclassical style, most of the time Underused, closed. The other smaller theaters of the city there is excess of bureaucracy in occupy

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The vast majority of the people still have access to leisure, culture and reading. The universities are modernizing even more there is a gap to be overcome, our education is still among the worst in Latin America. It is perceptible a compromise of a small group of students, here or there but still is punctual, does not correspond yet with the majority, who unfortunately are still wanting to overcome poverty.

* Guest Blog Post by: Fabrício Reis

Veterinarian and tour guide

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