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5 Famous Georgian Cuisines by Nikoloz Bochorishvili

 Georgian Cuisines

Georgia is a little country with a big history, great nature and some beautiful historical monuments. If Georgia wouldn’t have that, it would still be famous by its unique cuisine which consists in simple ingredients. Connoisseurs count up to 300 types of dishes in Georgia’s cuisine.

An unaltered part in the cuisine is the flavoring. Flavors can be used separately or combined as one, like Svan salt that is used in almost every Georgian dish. In winter for Svanetia it was very difficult to get food so Georgians need to use salt so that they can mix flavors up. They combine: Uzho-suneli (fenugreek), Imeretian saffron, coriander, hot pepper, salt, cumin, dill and garlic.

Georgian cuisine is a common name. The cuisine varies from region to region. Georgia is divided into Western and Eastern regions. The Eastern regions’ cuisine is made up characteristically by: meat dishes (pig, lamb, beef). In the West, people prefer vegetables and birds not fish dishes or desserts.

There are: Khahetian, Imeretian, Ajarian, Megrelian and Rachian cuisine. In each region there are varieties of cooking. For example: in Imereti people make hachapauri and put cheese inside. In Samegrelo cheese is on hachapuri. In Ajaria the base of dough is baked in the form of a boat and in center there are eggs cheese and butter.

 1. Khahetian cuisine

Khahetian cuisine georgia

This region is famous for its meat dishes. The king of this region cuisine is the barbecue but the hashlama is also famous. This is prepared by cooking boiled meat and eating with hands. With this dish Khahetian people drink their wine. One dish which is also very interesting is chaqafuli. The meat is boiling with tarhun and also with alucha or tkemali. Most important in this dish is white wine while meat is boiling.

2. Imertian cuisine

Imertian cuisine georgia

In this region people prefer vegetables and herbs. The most interesting dish here is the big and famous Pahli. It is prepared from beet tops, spinach, leeks, cabbage. And also put in spices and nuts. People in Imereti prefer chicken. Chicken cooked in many ways (fried, stewed, and various spicy sauces). It’s difficult to imagine Imereti without beans (lobio). Use as a string bean, quite green and ripe fruits.

3. Megrelian cuisine

Megrelian cuisine georgia

The Megrelian cuisine is the most hot cuisine. The region is below sea level and the place is marshy. People use hot peppers as medicine. Another good fueling is nuts that go on meat and vegetables. Megrelian people love meat.  The most important dish is Gomi. It’s made by using Corn flour and is served hot. Afterwards they put pieces of suluguni cheese in it.

4. Ajarian cuisine

Ajarian cuisine georgia

People from Ajaria love Mchadi. It is little bread that is cooked with corn flour. People also love Borano. It is cooked with home-made cream cheese and adjara cheese. A colorful dish of Adjara cuisine is the synori. It’s made by Rolled into roulets of thin, crispy layers of dough. It is prepared with Homemade cottage cheese, melted butter and garlic seasoning.

5. Rachian  cuisine

Rachian  cuisine georgia

The most famous dish is Lori, specially prepared ham. In this, Pork is salted, and then smoked for a long time, suspended on a hook in the chimney. Fry Lori, boil and add beans (lobio) and just eat it. The main pride of this region is Khvanchkara wine. Only there, on a small plot of land grow grapes of a special kind. Sweets are mostly made from grape juice. Add the nuts and corn flour in sweets along with the dry fruits.

Another important part in Georgian food is drinks. At the moment, there are several brands of mineral water in the country - the most famous is Borjomi and naturally, the head of all feasts is wine. There are Red, white, pink, dry, semi-dry, sweet, semisweet from different regions of Georgia.  Georgian wine is a national pride. It is diverse, to taste, color, and strength. It is  an incredible drink that evokes a different range of feelings, creating a warm atmosphere at the table, revealing the soul and character of the country.

*Guest Blog Post by: Nikoloz Bochorishvili
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