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10 Best mountain bike destinations in the world

destinations for mountain biking

There are many people in the world who love mountain biking, mountain biking the lot of thrill and fun to the bikers when they go through the narrow trails, majestic slopes of mountains and many more. All across the world there are various trails for mountain biking and here we are listing 10 best mountain bike destinations in the world.

1. Fort Collins, Colorado

If you are beginner in mountain biking or an expert then you can try it at the Fort Collins in Colorado. This place offers you very much thrill as well as fun while going for the mountain bilking. Moreover, you will find that there are mainly three areas for biking that are skills area, a pump area and a dirt jump area.

2. Chamonix, France

France is a country which is mainly known for the romantic destinations, but there is lot to do here other than this. In the Chamonix region of France you can also do mountain biking. During the winter season this place is perfect for skiing but in summer time you can go here for mountain biking and have a great experience.

3. Italy

Italy is a country where there are lot of places where you can go for the mountain biking such as Lake Garda, Finale Ligure and many more. In Lake Garda you will find trail for mountain biking about 1000 kilometers. In Finale Ligure you will find the various trails which are nestled along the rolling hills near to the coast. Therefore, these places in Italy guaranteed to leave you with an experience that is memorable.

4. Mustang, Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country which is lactated at the foot of Himalayas. So, there are many trails for mountain biking which slopes down the hills. In Mustang, you can enjoy mountain biking and there are mostly single trails. Moreover, you should go to Mustang for having an unforgettable experience of mountain biking.

5. Norway

Norway is also well known for the mountain biking. If you love to do this in the forests near to rivers then this is a perfect place for you. You will see various eye catching landscapes around the Hemsedal and Lillehammer in Eastern Norway.

6. South Africa

South Africa is amongst the popular tourist destination in the world. Here you can enjoy unlimited opportunities for adventure as well as mountain biking as there are various trails which are perfect for it. In this place you can cycle through wonderful ravine and also have a view of beautiful waterfalls, sea and forests.

7. Grimentz, Switzerland

Switzerland is know all across the world as the popular honeymoon destination but there is lot things to do in this beautiful country. Here the annual Verbier to Grimentz Grand Raid race is held and it said to be the toughest mountain bike marathon in all over the Europe. Furthermore, while doing mountain biking here you can have a wonderful view of mountains and waterfalls.

8. British Columbia, Fraser River, Canada

In Canada you can start mountain biking from the Williams Lake in British Columbia. You can reach by a driving distance of approximately 7 hours form the Vancouver. One can do mountain biking here along the wilderness trails and can enjoy the beautiful scenes near the Fraser River.

9. Ecuador, South America

Ecuador in South America is a very famous place to go for mountain biking and is located at the superb location. This place is basically the home of mountain biking areas and there are various challenging trains also. Hence, you can go here for mountain biking only if you are an experienced person, it is not for the beginners.

10. Saalbach, Austria

There are about 100s of bike routes situated in the Austria. Amongst all those routes Saalbach Hinterglemm is best route to go for the mountain biking. Here, you will find mountain trails, cable car network and many biking parks. This is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria and to enter there you will have to buy a ticket also. 


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