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Things to eat in South Africa

Bunny chow

South Africa is a beautiful country which is situated in the southern most part of Africa. If you are a true foodie then you cannot travel to this country without trying the delicious food. South Africa has one of the richest cookery traditions born out of life supplies and in part bring in by Dutch and Portuguese Indians. So, here we are giving you a list of things to eat in South Africa.

- Boerewors

These are mainly the African sausages made from beef and mixed with the spices such as cloves, fennel, mint and coriander. These are usually cooked in the barbecue and are served in a coiled shape in a traditional manner. Moreover, these are very tasty and are loved by the majority of people in Africa.


Chakalaka is a popular South African Dish which is mainly prepared using carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans and lots of spices. This is cooked until the vegetables get soft and is often served cold. In South Africa it is a needed component to serve barbecues.


Official national dish of South Africa, Bobotie can be easily found on various restaurants in the country. This is a malay curry dish in which minced meat as well as curry bake is topped along with the egg and almonds.


Pap is also one of the popular dishes of South Africa and is mainly prepared using ground corn and is same like the American grits. The ground corn is mixed with the hot water and then stirred for making a paste. It is mainly served with vegetable stew or meat.

-Bunny chow

This is a famous street food of Durban and has become very popular in all over the South Africa. Stuffed with spicy curry and hollowed out loaves of bread, Bunny chow is a must eat food when you are in the South Africa.


Potjieko is usually another type of stew in South Africa. These are mainly prepared in a cast iron pot which is three legged. The ingredients used in this are mainly the combination of meat (pork, beef etc.) and vegetables.


Waterblomettjie is basically a vegetable stew which is made using edible form of water lilies. This is prepared using various spices for enhancing its taste and is mainly served with the Pap. Furthermore, you should definitely taste this food when you visit to South Africa and is regarded as one of the famous staples food of the country.


This is another well known dish of South Africa and is loved by people of the country. It is placed in the category of small hamburger and meatball because of their special size. These are mainly considered as snacks and are garnished with the coriander.


This is traditional fried dough bread of South Africa, and is very tasty also. This is served with the filled cooked mince or with honey, syrup or jam. In Africa Vetkoek literally means "fat cake" and you can easily found it on the restaurants in South Africa.

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