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All about Antigua Guatemala in Central America

* Guest blog, posted by:   Francisco Grazioso
                                              (General Manager)
                                              (Toscana Tours Guatemala)

Antigua Guatemala

Located at 45 kilometers of Guatemala City we have Antigua Guatemala, a city that seems stops in 17 century, the streets of cobblestone remain, on that place, Antigua Guatemala is known also like the Perpetual Roses city because on there you find roses whole year.

Antigua Guatemala is a nice city for walk around and see many historic places such as The palace of Captains, in central park and also the City Hall and the Cathedral, City Hall and the fountain was made in the year 1531 by Rodrigo de Porres, the Cathderal was builded in 1533 but destroyed in the year 1773 for a earthquake of 8.00 degrees of Richter Scale.

Antigua Guatemala has a lot to offer, such as, Jade, a rare precious stone used by the Mayan people the most expensive jade is Jadeitie of purple color found only of that kind in Guatemala. Antigua Has a lot of Museums that can show you up how the jade was used by the Mayan people, why the jade was so important to them, and why was a precious stone for them, was a real reason why the people who lives in Guatemala meanwhile the Spanish conquest Guatemala exchange mirrors for Gold, because gold for people who lives here means nothing.

Antigua Guatemala has 33 churches each one represent one year of Jesus Christ over the earth, and many of them are destroyed by the earthquake of 1773 this is what give "Taste" to Antigua Guatemala, and also the houses made at old style of 17 century, wide walls many of them made in L shape or square for makes run the air from one side to other side.


For eating in Antigua Guatemala the best place is La Posada de don Rodrigo because there meanwhile you lunch you can see the beautiful garden and listen our national instrument La Marimba, that seems such as Xilofone but is made of wood a special wood named the Ant Male Wood because people thinks that Male Ant make a wider holes on this tree that gives resonance to the keys of Marimba.

They also have the best steak and guatemalan cuisine on the place, their waiters always kind. La Posada de don Rodrigo offers each Thursday a Ballet with guatemalan dances and marimba, this is only at dinner time, has one of the best desserts on Latin-American known like Flan Antigueño, and coffee of course.

If you want something less expensive we can talk about La Cuevita de los Urquizú on this place you find national dishes but with no any entertainment. Other nice place is Café Condesa where you can drink an excellent coffee cup and very nice cakes, from Latin-American.

Moreover, some of the top sights in Antigua are as following:

1. Iglesia y Convento de la Recolección
2. Colegio de San Jerónimo
3. Catedral de Santiago
4. Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo
5. Iglesia y Convento de Nuestra Señora de la Merced
6. Antiguo Colegio de la Compañía de Jesús
7. Convento de Capuchinas
8. Iglesia de San Francisco

Hence, Antigua Guatemala is a unique place and should be visited by all.
 * Guest blog, posted by:   Francisco Grazioso
                                              (General Manager)
                                              (Toscana Tours Guatemala)

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