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Amazing road trips in Europe that you must try!

road trip in Europe

Road trips are one of the most amazing trips because this allows you to enjoy also. Many people love to travel by air and train and enjoy also. But I am sure that many people in this world love to travel by road and enjoy the beautiful scenery. So here we are giving you a list of some amazing road trips that you can go for in Europe. These are as following:

#Ring of Kerry - Ireland

Ireland is amongst the beautiful countries all over the world and Ring of Kerry is an amazing way for driving all through the country. This is about 200kilometers and the loop takes a traveler to the mountains, lakes, beaches and the rivers of the Emerald Isle.

#Les Corniches – France

Les Corniches in France is basically a set of 3 diverse altitudes, 3 diverse drives along with the 3 different picturesque tours of the region. This gives you the various options to see all the wonderful countryside of France has to give. Moreover, be assure for spending time in Monaco as all of the Les Corniches drives take you to an incredible city.

#Autobahn - Germany

Germany’s famed highway system, in Autobahn there is no speed limit especially in the non urban areas. This gives you the alternatives to put in the pedal to the metal while you travel to the magnificent Germany countryside.

#Klausen Pass - Switerzland

Klausen Pass has its way through the enchanted Swiss mountains and this pass takes the drivers to a long as well as winding trip of stunning scenery. After every 4-5 years Klausenrunnen takes place where a wild race travels the Klausen Pass. So don’t forget to be in this area and see this amazing event.

#Trollstigen - Norway

Trollstigen is the very beautiful hill road pass road which is named as the Troll route and is popular for being amongst the most beautiful drives in the European region. Here while driving you will experience the waterfalls and mountains as well as the beauty of Norway from Ã…ndalsnes and Valldalen.

#Great Dolomite Road - Italy

Dolomite Road in the northern Italy takes voyagers into a diverse side of Italy, far from the cities as well as the tourist traps. Several rural villages along the way have unbelievable food to present, so be certain to take a stop and enjoy the cooking delights.

#Atlantic Road - Norway

Atlantic Road runs over a little distance about 8 km. But this is an incredible architectural wonder of a road might be the most unbelievable road in all of Europe. This is an amazing and unique road which takes you through the multiple islands.

#Col de Turini - France

This road is very famous site for both the Monte Carlo Rally and Tour de France. In this road you will find the implausible hairpin turns as well as curvy roadways that will have any traveler a wonderful feeling.  Additionally, this is one more road that is unbelievable dangerous come twilight, so assure to be off the road while the sun is shining.

#A1 - England

A1 road takes you to the stunning English countryside and give a chance to have a view of the big sculpture The Angel of the North, which is build by Antony Gormley, in Gateshead.

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