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A tour to Tekax, Yucatan Mexico by Rosa Isela Garcia

Merida Yucatan Mexico

The traveler of today is more knowledgeable and he wants to have new experiences, visit new places and countries. It is for this reason that tourism today is more demanding and with new trends such as rural tourism.

Leaving from the capital of the state Merida Yucatan Mexico, at only 140 kilometers and an hour and a half approximately by car, in the Puuc region is the population of Tekax of Alvarado Obregon.

During the journey you will enjoy beautiful landscapes with rich flora, fauna, smells and flavors of its rich cuisine. You will observe the real descendants of the Mayans whose past and glorious splendor still surprise us, in their daily task.

 Merida Yucatan Mexico

When you arrive at your Tekax destinations, start your cultural tour with a brief history of this colonial town with a 16th century parish dedicated to San Juan Bautista. Its main park with wrought iron retaining its former splendor and only remain 2 in the state. You will visit the hermitage of San Diego de Alcalá with all its history, its artisanal center where the women whose magical hands contribute to the economy with their small clothing industry and typical clothes of great beauty and quality. The sweets of the region are a delight for your plate, you can visit its traditional market, or board an ecological vehicle called tricitaxi, (a tricycle that puts a bench and take you to make a tour of the city).

At 7 kilometers away from the place, you can reach the ruins of Chacmultún, whose meaning in the Mayan language is “Cerro de la Piedra Roja”. Its architecture is in the Puuc style, from the late classic period of the 11th to the 9th century.

Merida Yucatan Mexico

The word Puuc means sierra or low mountain range; it is only 60 meters high. It is a large site where you can walk its first platform of 5 temples open to the public of approximately 1,200; with masks, carved and still preserve some paintings of their time of splendor within them. In this area there are decoration type columns and is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p. m.

It has a well-maintained ball game, a place that has magic and a life its own.

Merida Yucatan Mexico
Wait, I have not finished yet and with all this the adventure begins, since in the region there are hundreds of grottos, some of them run by the local population where you can enter the Mayan underworld Xibalbà. Nowadays the guides ask their ancestors for permission to enter, and make tours, either rapelling, climbing, enjoying, walking or squatting, to see inside the caves the stalactites and stalagmites with their capricious figures, other of quartz, fossils of seashells that emerged after the great impact, Mayan vestiges and much more.

walking or squatting,

During this tour your 5 senses will be at your best enjoying a great adventure to the end exhausted, muddy, but satisfied by your great adventure, you can taste food of the region, I only remember that you consume products and services of the locals to do so you contribute to improve their economy and the quality of life of the population. You can take the Tour: Tekax grunts sartenejas, departing from Merida Yucatan Mexico, with your trusted travel agency.

Guest Blog Post By: Rosa Isela Garcia

President of Amit Yucatan

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