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Yoga link between Brazil and India by Fabrício Reis

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Yoga has become popular in my country since the 1970s, along with the Hollywood movement and North American hipper, new era, aquarious, natural lifestyle, which have contributed to the breakdown of barriers and paragmas pre-established here in Brazil, that all Today is summed up by the term "quality of life" which for many is still an impasse on notions of qualities of life, as there are several understandings for everything that is taste and style.

My notion of quality of life is to have entertainment, smile on the face, open thought and acceptance of the other as it is, therefore, many just need an education and a warm embrace. Then, complement my notion of quality of life is to travel the world, I want to go around the world, to walk around the four corners of the planet, different cultures, logic, principles, sports, gastronomy, art, etc ... Have a passport full of visa. I want to have a million friends, girlfriends and groups of boys and girls, be a discoverer of the seven seas, seven wonders of the world, modern and ancient, natural and surreal.

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Every worker deserves rest, rest, in addition to traveling at least once a year, this promotes a bio-psycho-social balance, in addition to promoting health because a balanced mind with novelties, is never affected by diseases, contact with worlds balanced working relationships also has As a result of the worker's quality of life.

I am not an expert in Yoga, because in my country I believe that there is a shortage of studies on this art, I believe that any Indian who arrives in my country can teach in the various academies, public recreation centers, even be hired by the local government. Had a Brazilian telenovela called The CLONE a personage that represented a carioca, typical inhabitant of the city of Rio de Janeiro, that passed for Indian, of the "India" of the same one was a capable clever Brazilian that even earned the life divulging the style of Natural life and instructor of "YOGA" because in fact the Brazilians know almost nothing of the East .

Everything is very new, until very recently the dream of many girls was to go for a walk in the parks of Orlando USA, or even Park Center in New York, or even go to Rome to talk to the Pope sumoportificio Roman Catholic Church. However from time to time things are changing as the Brazilians began to realize that we are falling behind the public services are scrapped and everyone wants better quality public services for everyone.

A worker, for example, who contributed throughout his useful life and retired after years of laborious service deserves to have access to more accessible travel plans, to go to India for example, just as India came to Brazil. Since we are separated by a notebook click, a smartphone key, cell phone, and social network, we deserve to give a hug to our friend on the other side of the planet. Instead of cola, which was the world's best-selling soda, in the 1970s, now in the 21st century everyone deserves to know the local gastronomy, juices, fruits, herbs, fresh air from my land is the cleanest in the world. World, here is the Amazon.

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For Yoga Classes in India contact:

Just as YOGA teachers need to qualify in India, more access to air tickets between them, this will be an effective antidote to wars, for if the West continues to understand the East, the world will be summed up in that word that is awaiting translation, Peace, shalom, peace. Yes to love and not war.

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* Guest Blog Post by: Fabrício Reis
Veterinarian and tour guide

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