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Know about Tasty Guatemalan Coffee by Francisco Grazioso

tasty Guatemalan Coffee

The coffee was discovered in old Ethiopía, by a Sheppard that has goat and the goats was eating a red fruit, that keep them awake and shaking.

The coffee was bought to America by the dutches on boat, not by the Spanish like everybody can think. The Guatemalan coffee is one of the best in the world for many reasons, on of this reasons is that Guatemalan coffee is harvested in low lands that has no flavor and highlands that the taste is bitter, low land or coast coffee is harvested at less of 1000 metters at level of sea, and highland coffee is harvested up 1200 meters of the level of the sea.

coffee types in guatemala

The kind of Guatemalan coffee is arabica, is two kind of coffees on the world robusta (Brazil, Vietnam, among others countries) and arabica (México, Colombia, Guatemala) the difference between two kind of coffees is arabica needs of shade for grow, and robusta does not need shade for grow. The tree that is aside of coffee plantations has the name of Gavilea. The coffee production in Guatemala goes from the months of October to December.

arabica and robusta coffee

Other secret of Guatemalan coffee is the coffee fruit or seed is ripped only by women because they are more gentle, than a men,  the process begin with the ripped coffee, after this them peal the coffee and let dry in a patio by 15 day by the sun, this coffee on this state has the name of gold coffee, after  this the coffee seeds are puted in a husker, for  split the good ones seeds of the bad ones seeds, can be a wet husker or dry husker, the yellow color that had the coffee becomes green and this kind of coffee is known like pilgrim coffee, in this state is ready for be toasted.

The pilgrim coffee is exported worldwide because on this state the buyers can toast the coffee like them want, but this coffee is exported only of low or highland, if want a special blend should be asked to the exported or coffee plantation owner.

Some years ago there was a contest of which was the best coffee on the world, and Guatemala earn that contest even to Colombia, that is famous for it coffee such as Juan Valdez.

One of the best blends you can get is the next 25 per cent coffee of Antigua Guatemala that is highland and some bitter, 25 percent of Fraijanes is lowland and has no taste, and 50 per cent Atitlán that is very bitter, the coffee of this three places makes an excellent blend of coffee very good coffee, sometimes I like to compare the coffee with the wine, because many people like to add sugar to the coffee, but a good coffee is such a good wine, not need sugar for can be enjoy.

yummy coffee of guatemala

In Guatemala in the year 1910 was invented the instant coffee by doctor Lenhoff, in the raking worldwide Guatemala has the 13 position in exportation of coffee, because Guatemala sells quality and not quantity.

guest blog by francisco guatemala

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  1. Delicious shade grown beverage - nice to know.

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