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Know about the history of Georgia: By Nikoloz Bochorishvili

georgia history

From the ancient times Georgian peoples were living here. From the archeology founding we may say that Georgia has one of the high place where humanity was living. In the village people will show you remain of mining mines. There was: copper, metal and work shop that was sailing their products in Phoenicia and Egypt. In early middle age this road had a big value but after earthquake, plague and wars this part lost the cost. In every village there was plenty variety of grapes. The grapevine can grove on 1200 meters above the sea. The monuments of Christian culture in racha is very ancient in Georgia. the proof of that is: church of st. george(VIII century) church (VII-IX century and the temple of Nikorcminda that was built in 1010-1014 at Bagrat III every part of Georgia is wonderful and magic and this is very difficult to show on picture.

1. The archaeology founding

The archeology founding georgia

The archeology searching in gory had found many artifacts that was made in Hellenistic era. Also archaeology founding tells us that on place where gory is there was big city. There was founding many ceramic dishes that's is typical for the kura-arac era. In 1946 near the north wall in gory was founded layer from antique era, also there was layer from century before our age.

2. Gori’s value

Gori’s value georgia

About same age has founded dumping in gory, and in dumping was some finery. Middle age gory was located on the slopes of the hills. In this age gory had big value and who was ruler had also all kartli. The stronghold's walls go down to the river. In XVII century, gory again became the center of Georgia. Georgia again had war. Georgian people refuse to fight against osman on side of Iran and because of that Shah Abbas became angry. The king rostom start to reconstruction on that stronghold there was some ketches that was made by Italian missioner.

3. Gori’s beauty and lost

Gori’s beauty and lost in georgia

In the war against Persia the stronghold was return after 9 month by king Simon. He attack when anomies were not expected.  In trucks control the city lost value and return power only by Vahtang VI when Kartli became part of Russia gory lost value and in 1920 after earthquake was almost destroyed. It was built again in soviet. There is only “chra kara” (nine doors) nothing special. You must stay for some weeks to understand beauty and life style that is very slow and harmonic. Villagers looks at you and had one question why so fast.

4. Urbisi

 Urbisi georgia

After leaving gory near Borjomi start the pavilion with a spring. Above on the left side there is village. In the center of that village there is a big church that was left after a great city urbnisi. It was great city that was built with Iberian kingdom. In early time urbnisi has as strong power as machete. In early time machete was big city with big stronghold. Also writing on necropolis tells us that machete had power. The strong life in urbnisi starting in 4-3 centuries before our ages. Urbisi was lying on shop road that bring richness and also trouble. There was many wars and by now left only bathhouse and urbnisi became bishop. Greece and Georgia had same style in church until 6 centuries. The founding shows us that strongholds width was 4-5m and 6-5 m in height.

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 *Guest Blog Post by: Nikoloz Bochorishvili
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