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Must visit place in India: Leh-Laddakh_BY-NEETA SHARMA


Leh Laddakh is amongst the most popular holiday destinations in India and is a beautiful place. Leh Laddakh is located in the Trans-Himalayan region in North India. Besides, its wonderful landscape this place is well known for ancient Buddhist monasteries. Lies in high altitude, this place have turquoise lakes, mountain passes, monasteries, desert in the air, cool weather and lot more. So, if you are a person who loves adventure, cool weather, landscape, mountains and thrill then you should definitely visit to Leh-Laddakh. Situated at a height of more than 3,000m above the sea level, this place also offers some famous treks.

If you are an Indian or a foreigner who is travelling to India, your visit would be incomplete without a tour to Laddakh. You will find that this place is not only the trekkers delight but also it offers to every traveler picturesque views.

# Different routes to Leh-Laddakh

There are mainly two routes to visit Laddakh. These are as following:

Route no. 1: Manali to Leh
Best Time to Visit: May to October

From Manali to Leh the distance is about 490 km. On this road trip you will pass through narrow passes by seeing beautiful scenic views where you can also click photographs. While travelling from this place you will also see the lifestyle of village people, splendid villages, monasteries, ancient trade routes and many more.

Route Map:

Manali –> Rohtang –> Gramphu –> Kokhsar –> Keylong –> Jispa –> Darcha –> Zingzingbar –> Baralacha La –> Bharatpur –> Sarchu –> Gata Loops –> Nakee La –> Lachulung La –> Pang -> Tanglang La –> Gya->
Upshi -> Karu –> Leh

Route no. 2: Srinagar to Leh
Best time to visit: Highway opens on early May to late October

Another route is from Srinagar to Leh. On this route you will travel to war memorial, gurudwara at the top of mountain, hilly villages, monasteries and many more. This is an inclusive trip that exposes you to a variety of sides of Laddakh. Covering a distance of about 434 kms, this journey lets you recognize the accurate majesty of creation of Mother Nature.

Route Map:

Srinagar –> Sonmarg –> Zozi La –> Drass –> Kargil –> Mulbek –> Lamayaru –> Saspol –> Leh

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Pic Credit: Bhupendra Rawat
# How to deal with the Acclimatization in Laddakh?

Acclimatization is a very necessary part of planning your Laddakh itinerary. The foundation for holidays in Laddakh is Leh, it is the administrative center which is situated at a height of 3,500 meters (11,500 feet). If you are going to a place situated above 10,000 feet, you should be conscious of and get ready for is acclimatization. You must reserve the first 2 days after your entrance in Leh for getting used to the height. AMS (Acclimatization) might lead to nausea, severe headaches, inability to walk, ataxia and restlessness also.

Precautions that you should keep in mind while travelling to Laddakh are:

1. Raise your height slowly, and balance climb with rest to assist your body acclimatize.

2. You should be physically fit for travelling to the Leh-Laddakh.

3. You should avoid visiting Laddakh if you have problems of high blood pressure, asthma, heart ailments and others.

4. Rest for about atleast 2 days after reaching to the Leh because of the low atmospheric pressure.

5. Overdoing of hydration can also harm you, so you should increase your normal water intake by a liter.

6. Strictly avoid drinking alcohol and smoking at high altitude for preventing AMS.

# What to pack for your trip?

As Laddakh is situated at very high altitude, so it is obvious that there is very cold. So, some essential things that you should pack for you trip to Laddakh are as following:

* 2 pairs of thermal inner
* 2 jackets as well as 3 pullovers
* Soaps, towels
* First Aid kit
* Hand gloves, Socks
* Waterproof shoes if you are going for trekking
* Dry fruits, biscuits, chocolates
* Sleeping bag
* A pair of slipper
* Mobile chargers, torch
* Camera etc.

# Rules for Inner Line Permits for traveling in Laddakh since 2014

To travel to most of the destinations in Laddakh, starting from the year 2014 inner line permits are not essential for Indian Nationals. But there are some places such as Mirik, Chusul, Man for where you have to still require to obtain and carry the inner line permits. The places which do not need inner line permit comprise:

Nubra Valley
Tso Mori Ri
Pangong Tso

However, you require to carry your Nationality ID proof ( like Voter ID, Driving License,  etc.) which will have to be show at various check posts where earlier Indians were needed to submit a photocopy of an inner line permit. The new rules for the inner line permits will actually assist those travelers who do not want to come back to Leh following Tso Mori Ri and then head straight to Manali which would save them a valuable day. In addition to this, if you are an Indian Inner then line permits are valid for 3 weeks and if you if you belong to foreigner country then it valid for 1 week. The Permit fee comprise 3 components which are Rs. 200 per person as environment tax as well as wild life protection fee which is Rs. 20 per person per day and Rs. 10 Red Cross Donation.

# Accommodation facility in Leh Laddakh

Here you should not expect the luxury hotels or resorst due to the tough conditions of Laddakh region. Grand Dragon is one the luxury hotels located in the Leh region as well as there are also some nice hotels in the places like Tso Moriri, Pangong Tso and Nubra valley. In Pangong Tso there are also some luxury tents with attached toilets, their prices is about 1000 per person for one night. Furthermore, luxury camps are also available for about 5000 INR for 3 people.  As there are many ATMs available in Leh town but the some regions like Changthang, Pangong etc. you should carry extra cash.

Some tips and guidelines to be followed during the trip to make your Laddakh trip successful are as following:

* You should avoid using plastic bags
* Respect the local culture of Leh-Laddakh
* Carry proper documents and Id proof with you
* Sensibly select your accommodation as well as its location

Famous places to visit in Laddakh

Last but not least, some of the places that you must visit in Laddakh are as following:

1. Pangong Lake
2. Magnetic Hill
3. Royal Leh Palace
4. Zanskar Valley
5. Tso Moriri
6. Shanti Stupa
7. Nubra Valley
8. Kargil (Kashmir - Leh Highway)
9. Lamayuru Monastry
10. Khardung La

pangong lake
Pangong Lake
Top Things to do in Laddakh

Some of the top things that you should do in Laddakh are as following:

1. Chadar Trek - Frozen River Zanskar Trek
2. Cycling
3. Trek to Markha Valley
4. Spot the sighting Snow Leopard
5. Motor Biking
6. Rafting in Indus River
7. Skiing
8. Try Yak Safari
9. Do shopping at the market of Leh
10. Hangout at Lala's Art Cafe

Therefore, Laddakh is also known as “Little Tibet” and is a favourite tourist destination of India. The rugged and natural beauty, stunning mountain ranges, eye-catching views, striking plains and plateaus, blue skies and clear rivers leave many a travelers spellbound. So, you must visit Laddakh for losing yourself in the splendor of untouched beauty as well as discover yourself again!

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