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Plan to visit The Great Wall of China this year


I am sure that everyone in this world has heard about The Great Wall of China. It is amongst the 7 wonders of the world. This is basically a series of walls which are made of brick, stone, wood, tamped earth and other materials. This Great Wall can be seen from the moon and space. So, you can organize in 2017 to experience this ultimate historical hotspot.

When to visit?

*The most excellent departure point to visit The Great Wall of China for main sections is Beijing.

*You should visit early morning or late afternoon to The Great Wall of China for avoiding the crowds as well as to have a great light for photos.

*Also avoid visiting on weekends, particularly during the summers.

Places to visit the wall:


*Badaling Great Wall near Zhangjiakou is the most popular stretch section of the Great Wall.

*It is perfect for the families with small children, older travelers and for those also who do not love pure drops and folks who have less time to visit the wall.

*You have to go from Beijing early and so that you can make it a half day trip.

*If you will take the Tourism Bus (tel 8353 1111) direct to and from, but in this there is no guided tour attached and you will have about 2 hours to visit. This is mostly coupled with a visit to the Ming Tombs and hence making a full-day trip.


*Simatai is the steepest as well as most beautiful points of The Great Wall of China.

*This is perfect for the fit folks with strong, good grip shoes, a desire for eye-catching views and obligatory steep climbs.

*You should bring your own food because at this point the food is very expensive.

*Besides, unless you actually want a souvenir, evade eye contact with the violent vendors.


*This is one of the most outstanding sections of the Great Wall is where it climbs very steep slopes. It is the preliminary point of a 10 kilometers sharp, rocky hike to Simatai.  But when you arrivieat Simatai, you might have to purchase another ticket.

*You can also walk in the reverse direction, but getting a trip back to Beijing from Simatai is bit easier as compare to Jinshanling. For picking you up you should also make arrangements with your driver.


*When you will select a tour, make sure that the tour goes to everywhere you want. If you do not want to go to the Ming Tombs, then do not pick a tour that combines both Ming Tombs with the Badaling.

*Additionally, many tours make diversions to gem exhibition halls, jade factories and Chinese medicine centres. Chinese medicine centres are the centres where the visitors or tourists are diagnosed with false ailments that can be treated only with very costly Chinese remedies, which are supplied there. Hence, when you will book a tour take care of such type of scams as well as needless diversions that are not mentioned on the itinerary.

*Last but not least, if you want to expend some important time at The Great Wall of China we will recommended you to go with your friends for at leat tour of 3 to 5 days.


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