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All About Atlanta Nightlife and Nightclubs

Havana Club

When the sun sets, the Atlanta nightlife starts beginning. There are various things to do in Atlanta nightlife to enjoy full. As valentine day is near so you can go to this magnificent place to enjoy and have fun with your beloved. If you are a person who enjoys partying in nightclubs, loud music then this is the perfect place for you.

You can also decide to go the Legacy Ball event. The Legacy Ball Atlanta is a yearly event which is celebrated in February in Atlanta, Georgia. This Ball is in the honor of the dance style, history, class and grace of Detroit Style ballroom dancing. The main aim of this yearly event in Atlanta is to preserve the style as well as history of dance as was danced many years ago by the legends.

Atlantic City nightlife can never be complete without Atlanta nightclubs. These nightclubs offer the guests with an atmosphere of red carpet as well as a choice of the full entertainment. These clubs in Atlanta are well known all over the world for signature drinks, celebrity sightings, top class DJs and lot more. These are an ideal for after party destination where you can carry on drinking and dancing till late night. The bars in these nightclubs serve foreign martinis and hand crafted cocktails. Some of the famous nightclubs in Atlanta are as following:

- Havana Club

Havana Club is voted as the best night club of Atlanta 5 years in a row. This is situated at the Buckhead and offers about 15,000 sq. ft. of upscale setting. The fantastic music, wonderful bars and good décor are just some of the aspects which keep the clubbers coming back to the Havana Club.

- Tongue & groove

Tongue & Groove, is another favorite Nightclub which hosts a diverse lineup of nightly parties and a broad variety of private and corporate events. Open 5 days in a week, Tongue & groove is perfect for all product launches, wrap parties, holiday parties and a range of corporate events.

- Opera Atlanta Nightclub

Opera Nightclub is popular for its best bar service and electric. Opera is situated at 1150 Crescent Ave and is the most alluring and sexy out of all the Atlanta clubs. Here you will get the best VIP service and bottle service. Moreover, this nightclub is the superb place to go if you are looking to enjoy your night without any disturbance.

- Cosmolava

The 3 dance floors in this nightclub are perfect to make your night memorable. This club has several rooms as VIP accomodations and 5 bars. This is the best for after party destination where you with your friends can carry on drinking and dancing till late night.

-Suite Food Lounge

Suite Food Lounge completely fits the mold for your subsequently gathering. This club has it all covered with style as well as sophistication. The comfortable sitting arrangement makes sure that you and your friends get to rest your feet after dancing. In addition to this, this club defines an innovative standard in social diversion of Atlanta.

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