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10 Amazing Hotels you Must Visit Before You Die

10 Amazing Hotels you Must Visit Before You Die

You have been to various wonderful hotels while travelling. There are many hotels all around the world which offers the most excellent facilities. But, here we are giving you a list of 10 Amazing Hotels you Must Visit Before You Die. 

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

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Hotel Kaklauttanen is one of the amazing hotels in all over the world. This is a home to the unbelievable igloos which are made of thermal glass and keeps the guests in the chilling winters. Hotel Kakslauttanen is one of the most valuable, innovative and unique and is popular in all across over the world for tourists who love to discover the adventurous area of Finland. The hotel offers 20 snow igloo which made with glass so that guest can see the Northern Lights while lying down on the bed.

2. Astarte Suits Hotel, Greece

This amazing hotel is situated in the Santorini, Greece and has one the wonderful outdoor pool as well as full service spa. When you will enter in the room you can see the wonderful view of the beach by standing in the lavish balconies. You feel like to be in heaven while staying in this hotel. Moreover, it has over nine air-conditioned guestroom and is a must visit hotel before you die.

3. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar 

The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

The tremendous Manta Resort is situated in the distant northwestern tip of Pemba Island in Zanzibar. It is basically laid on wonderful white beaches that overlook the crystal apparent water of the Pemba Island. This floats on a petty coastal coral reef and has an undersea bedroom that permits you slept among the fishes. This is perfect for romance and offers the first class diving facility also. Furthermore, the resort have over 17 extremely comfortable and lavish rooms.

4. Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

There is no other hotel in the world that gives you a wonderful view from the Switzerland to the flurry caped stony landscape as in the Alpstein range. For reaching up to this magnificent hotel you will need to start from the Wasserauen station and then lead towards the vertical trail to Seealpsee. Seealpsee is a lake in the Alpstein and from here you have to climb up the awfully challenging and steep mountain trail to the Ascher. The restaurant in this hotel is the shakiest position, clinging to the base of a vertical cliff face and is 100 m high.

5. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

This resort is set up on the two distinct islands which are linked together with a bridge and is a home to 11 restaurants and bars which also includes the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. It also has 2 spas for relaxation as well as water sports and diving including a submarine. Apart from this, this is set with high comfort features and facilities overlooking a stunning sea views by a hardwood bottom to ceiling window.

6. Shangri La, Paris

Shangri La is one of the famous hotels in Paris. This hotels offer you a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower and visitors love to stay in this luxurious hotel. Pleasantly discreet check-in and attentive staff make certain that you get the regal treatment exact from the start. So, do visit to this hotel to have an enchanting view of Eiffel tower, river seine and to enjoy the luxury.

7. Rayavadee Krabi, Thailand 

This is located on the stunning Phranang Peninsular on the edge of Krabi. By visiting there you can pamper yourself with the treatment of full service spa and unlimited luxurious facilities. Attentive service, five star 100 air-conditioned guestrooms and beautiful view are the main features of this hotel. Also, this hotel is an ideal honeymoon destination.

8. Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco 

This hotel is also known as the Rock n Roll hotel is based on the 1950s retro style. This amazing hotel is situated on the edge of the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. This traditional hotel merges frozen in time kitsch with a kind ethos. There you can enjoy on the pool and can click photographs with the quirky statues lining the courtyards. Additionally, the rooms of this hotel are decorated with the original artwork and retro bedspreads.

9. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

Attrap Reves Hotel in France offers the visitors a romantic as well as a memorable experience. There you sleep in the open and can see the stars at night inside a fully protected bubble. The bubble is located in such a way so that a guest can see the full view of the sky. The bubble rooms are furnished with the tables, king size bed and many other. Apart from this, guests can select between the fully or partially transparent bubbles as per their choice and how much privacy they want. 

10. Panchoran Retreat, Bali, Indonesia

You will never find a place in the world that will connect you with the nature as this hotel does. This is situated just in the middle of the forest which is very close to the Ubad. Here you will see the breathtaking views and is fully designed by taking nature as the inspiration. You will be confused to decide between the interior and exterior of the rooms as every room is designed taking the theme of the forest. Hence, if you are looking for an eco-friendly and natural destination then this hotel is right place for you. 


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