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Indian Railways planning to resume train services at the end of lockdown due to Corona

Indian Railways

Recently in a statement, an official of the Indian Railways said that no confirmed decision has been taken about the re-starting of train services in India. But the authorities will soon come up with an action plan.

In the meantime, from April 15 the railway zones are getting the action plans prepared for restoring railway services. In India, all passenger train services have remained stalled ever from the time when the announcement for total lockdown for 21-days was made by PM Narendra Modi for controlling the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Reportedly, after the Railway Board grants exact approval for every passenger train services will be restarted. For phase-wise planning, the Railway Board has to be given suggestions.

The verdict regarding the matter of resuming train services was taken in a video conference meeting. This meeting was held recently, chaired by Piyush Goyal Railway Minister with the Chairman of Railway Board.

Though, train services will only be resumed after the Central government as well as the Group of Ministers (GoM) formed to handle this matter, grant their approval.

According to the sources, all the 17 zones of the railways are making plans for identifying trains and restart services too considering the accessibility of rakes.

Indian Railways

As per the latest reports, railway is also planning to carry out the thermal screening on all passengers and put up with by the rules as given by the Indian Government. In addition to this, the senior officials of railway have been quoted stating that no new orders from the government have been received to resume railway services from April 15 since the trains were canceled only till 14 April. at the end of this week, a solid action plan will only be sent to all the railway zones.

Moreover, for the first time in its history, 13523 trains have been stalled by the Indian Railways for 21 days post the statement of nationwide lockdown on March 24. For carrying essential goods from one destination to other only goods trains were permitted to run.


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