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An article about Mayan Priests, Mexico by Rosa Isela

Mayan Priests

They are the descendants director and custodians of an ancestral heritage, whose mission is to continue transmitting their cultural, medicinal, spiritual knowledge in communication and harmony with the natural world that surrounds us for the new generations.

Mayan Priests

It arises as part of a myth, is the basis of Mayan civilization that is divided into 3 periods.

1. The pre-classic (2,000 a.c. - 250 d.c.), 2.- The classic (250 - 900 d.c.) and finally 3.- The post-classic (900 - 1539 d.c.)
In those times the role of the priest, an educated man, educated with great wisdom was marked by classes, the highest hierarchy was called the Sun priest (who presided over the important rituals, with beautiful robes covered in animal skins and gold accessories .

2. In second place were the CHILAN priests, (the prophets who went into a trance and predicted the future).

3. Currently in the Mexican southeast of the Yucatan peninsula in the Mexican southeast and part of Central America (Belize, Guatemala and part of Honduras); You can locate the Ah Mem, some with millenarian Mayan lineage.

Man invoking the lords of the Universe to ask permission to do a Mayan ceremony, using copal, or (incense an aromatic resin offering for their deities), the sacred liquor (Báalche), porcupine quills, dungeon, jícaras, yerbas, Sea snail among other elements that use invoking the 4 cardinal points with powerful prayers in Mayan language.

Mayan Priests

The Mayan priests or Ah Men preside over rituals for the crops, offerings, Mayan marriages, commemorate important holidays in their calendars, balance the energies of the region, some with the gift of healing, bless and protect from place of newly opened, different offers to your Mayan deities.

When you are visiting these lands do not forget to visit them, visit their botanical plots, it will be an experience to live with those simple people, humble but of great knowledge, very respected in these latitudes.

Mayan Priests

Traditional Mayan medicine today is respected and valued for the global contribution in its knowledge of herbalism, I am possessors of a knowledge of a living culture, which is still with us and we must preserve it as a tangible heritage for humanity.

Rosa Isela García Pantoja

Rosa Isela García Pantoja
Entrepreneur and President of Amit Yuc.

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