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Brazil: The Country of Football by Fabrício Reis Amador

Brazil: The Country of Football

Brazil the country of football is here. The indigenous ancestors of the Brazilian people already had a sport similar to soccer; this was already played by thousands of indigenous tribes. Already the blacks that are also other peoples formation of Brazil also gave their contributions and cheerful rhythm and objectivity beyond the physical conditioning.

In fact the country breathes football invented by the English came to Brazil by Charles Miller who brought the rules and norms General were at first small collegiate groups of the late nineteenth century. Then already in the 20th century became popular as the collective consciousness of the people and the poorer strata were averse to the main elite sport in the time of the Brazilian Empire that was the hair race. With the end of the Empire and birth of the Republic came to the fore the first world titles in 1958 and 1962 football was becoming year Apois year as a national sport. So the military governments of 1964 and 1985 invested fabulous amounts contributed effectively to the birth and physical strengthening of training centers and leading athletes until there are those who say that Edison Arantes do Nascimento the most popular.


As Pele was a military experiment because it left the fields of the Brazilian army to shine in other sports grenades in allusion to the athletes Olympics of the ancient world who in times of peace disputed the crown of the Olympic victory. Today football is for Brazil as the main national sport, every boy dreams of being a professional athlete. Brazil is proud of being among the main teams, there are those who compare the sport here as a religion because just as in the Olympic games there is the flame of the spirit of the gods of the Olympus of Ancient Greece more Known as gods of the sport that ignites the game of Olympus.

All Brazilians believe in the gods of football that are hidden embody the soul of the athletes doing divine deeds. But that stir the economy of Brazil because they have already researched that the year Brazil was the champion was the most years of money in Brazil, causing direct impact on sports, tourism, hotels, commerce, events, research, academia, industry, etc., increasing Gross Domestic Product of Brazil. Here is not only a football birth is the slogan and a name of the whole country plying the world's leading sport popularized in the Americas, Africa, Europe and the latest in Asia and the United States. In this edition of the world cup of Russia 2018 we saw a team like Korea eliminating the current champion Germany, the then most ballad team the same as in the previous edition had won 7 x 1 and taken to the world cup played here from the country of the soccer.

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That even losing we gained by promoting a unique fact in the world sport a crisis that was born in the manifestations for improvements of the public services bad that culminated with a resignation of the ex president of the Republic. It has associated with other countries promoting since a deep transformation in the leading heads of the sport both here and within the FIFA international federation of associated soccer. This is planned for the Cup that will be held in the country of Qatar in 2022 a doubling of the number of nations participating in the world cup of soccer which is the main most popular and exciting soccer championship in number of fans promoting from the Africa Cup transformations social dynamising.

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By: Fabrício Reis Amador

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