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How to select Best Trekking or Hiking Shoes?

Trekking or Hiking Shoes

Selecting right pair of trekking or hiking shoes is very important. There is no doubt in saying that shoes are best friend for trekker or hiker. It is a very significant thing which should be kept in mind while buying according to the location of hiking or trekking. Everybody has diverse shape of feet, so the thing that works for person is not essentially going to work for the next person. Having an ideal pair of shoes for trekking will take a trekker long way in a comfortable manner and bad shows will surely stop you from going further in an efficient manner. Therefore, the shoes which you select for hiking must give you:

* Comfort
* Stability
* Should be durable in nature
* Water Resistance
There is a wide assortment of option when it comes to trekking shoes. So you might consider few things before buying them. But before explaining how to pick up best trekking shoes we should know types of trekking shoes which are available in the market.  

1. Trekking boots
2. Hiking shoes
3. Expedition boots

# Trekking boots:

These boots are mainly used by highly professional trekkers. These types of boots give an extra support to the ankles as well as feet. Trekking boots are very durable and are manufactured using suede, synthetic or leather. Apart from professional trekkers, these are also perfect to use by a person who is going for trekking first time.

# Hiking shoes:

There are ideal shoes for various sports and are lightweight. There are also durable in nature and are made of rubber which makes it perfect for running also. You should definitely use these shoes if you are going an area where there is warm weather and dry terrain. In addition to this, these Hiking shoes are best for backpacking trip, day hiking as well as long distance hiking trip.

# Expedition boots:

Expedition boots are especially designed for dangerous and most adventurous trips. There are reckoned among trekkers for its tough, sturdy and durable nature even if one has hiked a lot. These are expensive as compare to other types of hiking shoes so you should buy these only when you going for intricate treks of life.

# 5 Tips that you should follow while buying trekking shoes:

1. You should always eliminate any types of shoes that will not fit the outline of your foot.

2. Always check that the shoes that you are planning to purchase are precise in quality and are manufactured using of authentic material.

3. Never compromise if the rates of shoes seem to be costly.

4. Try to buy branded shoes.

5. Narrow down the variety to a small assortment that suit your requirements.

# Is it necessary to buy waterproof trekking shoes?

Waterproof shoes are good in wet and cold climate conditions but they can be counterproductive in hot climatic conditions. In hot weather, a waterproof shoe is hotter than a non-waterproof model. This is very important to know as hot feet are more prone to blisters. Hence, you should cautiously think when and where you will be widely using your trekking shoes.

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