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A Wonderful visit to Trajineras Xochimilco, Mexico by Francisco Grazioso

Trajineras Xochimilco, Mexico

This is a beautiful place, a Canal where boats knows like trajinera goes through the canal, and has capacity of 20 to 25 persons, the price of rent of a trajinera is 500 mexican pesos for hours that be around 20 usd, the trajinera is made by a wide petroleum known like Chapopote.

Trajinera was used for transport supplies long time ago, inside México City on this canal, meanwhile you go on the trajinera you can enjoy of the environment and also of the music, inside the trajinera you can rent a mariachi, trio, or northern Mexican music on the trajinera, also southern Mexican marimba because is a flat ship and sometimes you can add a table with chairs for enjoy the landscape with your friends and family.

The trajineras always on the front has a name always will be a name of a woman and the tour by Xochimilco can last on a trajinera between one or two hours, the name is painted in the front of trajinera.

During the tour you can see many beautiful flowers the trajinera stops in a place known like viveros for you can appreciate and see these beautiful flowers. Also you can stop by a Restaurant to have the breakfast, the lunch or the dinner, on the canal is a place known like Isla Muñecas, or the Dolls Island, that is a house with many old dolls around the island you can also see that on the tour.

flowers inTrajineras Xochimilco, Mexico

Before was a touristic place on Xochimilco was known like the place of floating gardens because trajineras was used for transportation of flowers.

Is a tradition that trajineras has only a name of a woman on front because long time ago was a place for relax of the rich Mexican society and to the rich boys likes put the names of their girlfriends on the front of trajinera. But before the trajineras has the women name on flowers not painted like is today.

The arches of flowers used before was to remember old times, a feast of a catholic for a day of a saint.

In old time the trajineras does not has roof or something to cover by the sun, and the rich people of that time complains with the people of Xochimilco was no place to eat and than them must be covered by the sun with something, they begun to cover the trajinera with screens and after that they used sheets like is known today.

Inside the trajinera you can eat and also you can drink alcoholic drinks such as tequila or soft drinks such as coca cola meanwhile the trajinera is sailing by canal, and you can listen a good mariachi group, or if you rather eat in other place, them has a restaurants nearby that offers you different options of food, Xochimilco is a unique experience and also is something that really worth to be enjoyed with friends, with family, in your next visit to México City do not forget visit Trajineras Xochimilco.

Trajineras Xochimilco, Mexico eating and drinking

guest blog by francisco guatemala

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