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Astroturism in Tikal, Guatemala by Francisco Grazioso

Tikal guatemala

Tikal is located in Petén department in northern Guatemala, approximately 700 kilometers from Guatemala City, Tikal belongs to the classic Mayan period between 200 and 900 AD, the Maya were great astronomers, and creators of the Number 0 and the first to replace the barter for a coin which was the cocoa seeds by articles.

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Astrology was fundamental for the Maya, because astrology entailed the development of two important things, both spiritual and material. The Maya were exact in their calculations, especially of the synodic periods of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, Were very accurate as far as the solar and lunar periods were concerned, also the stars as the Tzab-ek or rattlesnakes.

The Mayan calendar had 260 days considered as one of the most enigmatic, many based it with human gestation. The central part of astrology was known as Wakah Chan, which related to Xibalba, or rather the road to the underworld. They had a zodiac based on the passage of the sun through the fixed constellations. This can be found in the number 10 stela of Tikal.

Mayan priests were the only ones who had knowledge in astronomy, but the people respected their priests, and what they said about astronomy.

It's funny to see how Hollywood launches its movie 2012, where it was said that December 21, 2012 was the end of the world, the truth is taken all Bactum, or Baktum is a period of time comprised in 144,000 days and as the last Baktum found that the last period ends on December 21, 2012, which is why they made that movie called 2012.

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In the tour of Astroturismo we can sleep in tents inside the national park Tikal, declared World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in the year of 1979, we can have the option of sleeping in country houses or in Hotel, in this night tour We can observe the stars with a laser sight we see the stars as the ancient Mayas used to do, we also have the explanation of the national park Tikal, this tour can be done only in the months of October to March when the sky is clearer in the area Of Tikal in groups of 4 people, can be done departing from Guatemala City, or flying to the airport of Santa Elena Petén, our tour also includes other Mayan cities within Peten the tour of these cities would be in the morning as Tikal is One of the most important cities of the classic period.

tikal in night

It is said that the Mayans found immortality in the sea, and curiously the city of Tikal is far from the sea, the Mayas also owe them the discovery of a precious stone called Jade that was of ceremonial character, and whose emperors and Priests were buried with them to find immortality, in Tikal you will find several pyramids and Mayan stars, the stars were forms of communication of the Maya what we know today as the writing of our days, were known as codices.

We wait for you in Guatemala, we wait for you in Tikal so that we can see the milky way together as the ancient Maya used to see it.

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