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5 Best Places for Skydiving in India


If you are a person who love adventure and adventure sports then definitely you should try skydiving once in your lifetime. Skydiving is no more a saving form but also practiced and loved by many people all over the world. Believe me it astonishing to fall from a height and then float freely in the sky. There are mainly three forms of skydiving that are tandem skydiving, static line jumping and accelerated free fall. If you don’t have much time or budget to go some foreign destination for skydiving, then here we are giving you 5 Best Places for Skydiving in India.

1. Aamby valley, Maharashtra

Aamby is a perfect place for skydiving in India and is situated in the Pune district in Lonavla. It is also only 2 hour drive from the Mumbai. Here one can feel and see the landscape from the height of 10,000 feet. Tandem skydiving is offered here and an instructor is also there with you to assure you a safe diving. In addition to this, before going there for skydiving you should make sure that you are above the 18 years of age and wear loose clothes and comfortable footwear.

2. Deesa, Gujarat

Located in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat, Deesa is an amazing place for trying skydiving. This is basically a lakeside city and has various skydiving camps.  In Deesa, tandem jump is offered and you can have an experience of skydiving from 3500 to 4000 feet and accelerated free fall is from 10,000 and over.

3. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

For skydiving lovers, Madhya Pradesh is best place in India. In Madhya Pradesh there are many camps conducted every year. Dhana is only 4 hours drive from Bhopal and here well trained and experienced professionals helped you in an efficient manner in skydiving. There are many companies how offer skydiving at different rates as per the company norms. Hence, you should definitely try to look the landscape of Madhya Pradesh from 4000 feet and higher in Dhana.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is amongst the beautiful cities not only in South India but all over the India. Going for skydiving in Pondicherry is an amazing experience. It is only 4 hours from the Bangalore and 2 hours from Chennai. Here, the skydiving is done at the at the drop zone in airbase of Pondicherry. The camps which are conducted here for skydiving provides static line as well as tandem jumps. Tandem jump in this place is done from the height of 10,000 feet and static line is done from the height of only 4,500 feet.

5. Mysore, Karnataka

Last but not least, Mysore in Karnataka is also one of the best places for skydiving at nominal prices. Located at the base of the base of Chamundi hills it is only 2 hours from Bangalore. Here, you can enjoy skydiving from the height of above 10,000 feet. You will find here experienced professionals who train you very efficiently and give you a chance then to try it alone.


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