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5 Most Popular Places to Scuba Dive in the World

Belize scuba diving

Scuba diving is a perfect way for exploring the shipwrecks and to watch the coral of each colour. If you an adventure loving person and want to do scuba diving, then here we are giving you 5 most popular places in the world for scuba diving.

1. Belize scuba diving 

Belize is the smallest nations in Central America but is very popular for scuba diving in all over the world. This is amongst the most famous destinations to swim with the whale sharks. Belize provides for scuba divers of every level of experience from clear reefs, shallow to stunning drop offs. The three main attractions in Belize for scuba diving are as following:

i. Ambergris Caye: This is the main and most northerly of the off-shore cayes and enjoys a site of approx 2 km from some 35 km of difficulty reef.

ii. Lighthouse Reef: This is the easterly diving area in Belize and outermost from the mainland. Here you can suppose to see a mixture of small and large flounders, sea turtles, neck crabs, rays and sharks.

iii. Turneffe Reef Atoll: Turneffe Reef Atoll is on the east of Belize and is closest to the 3 atolls of the capital.

2. Cozumel scuba diving

Cozumel is located about 10 kilometers off the coat to Mexico Yucat√°n Peninsula. This place has all the features for a great dive getaway such as lively nightspots, friendly locals, towering coral formations, great underwater visibility, warm water, white sandy beaches and many more. The clear water has visibility which ranges from 24 to 30 metres. In Conzumel, the main diving locations are as following:

i. Punta Sur Reef: This is an enthralling dive location which consists of a deep wall with caverns. Here, you will also find the complex of coral tunnels as well as fissures.

ii. Santa Rosa Wall: This dive is a high voltage drift alongwith a sheer wall. In this diving you can also often encounter turtles, large pelagic fish as well as spotted eagle rays.

iii. The Devil’s Throat:

This site is greatest enjoyed with a knowledgeable local divemaster. Here you can see the dazzling colored gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and devil’s sea whip.
3. Hawaii scuba diving

You can enjoy scuba diving in Hawaii with alluring lava tube swim through caves and different marine life. There are various islands from Oahu, Big Island to Maui, where you can go for scuba diving. Hawaii is amongst the most remote archipelagos of the planet. The mist visited islands for scuba diving in Hawaii are as following:

i. Hanauma Bay, Oahu: Hanauma Bay is situated on Oahu’s southeastern part and here you can for scuba diving to see reefs and colorful fishes.

ii. Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s Big Island: This is amongst an extraordinary place for scuba diving in Hawaii. Protected by cliffs, the water in this way is calm as well as rich with marine life.

iii. Molokini, Maui: The water in Molokini offer colorful reefs perfect for scuba diving and is accessible by boat tour only.

4. Cancun scuba diving

Cancun is a well-known Mexican destination and is very famous for acuba diving also. Here, you can see underwater views such as shipwrecks, countless marine species and coral reefs. Moreover, Cancun is a perfect for both the professional as well as beginners divers. The top 3 scuba diving sites in Cancun are as following:

i. Punta Cancun: The diverse found here is amazing and mainly includes barracuda, stingrays and sharks. Punta Cancun is the most popular spot in Cancun where divers love to go.

ii. Cenotes: These are mainly sinkholes which are filled with freshwater. The detailed cave systems as well as underground tunnels of Centos attract the divers from all over the world.

iii. Underwater Museum: This is also known as MUSA and is major attraction for Scuba Diving. This occupies over 420 square meters and contains diverse types of fish, marine life and making it an artificial ecosystem.

5. Florida scuba diving

Florida is amongst the most popular dive destinations for divers all around the world. In North America, natural living coral reef is found offshore of South Florida. Here, depending on the region, the water temperature may range from 16-27°C/55-80°F. 3 Great Dives in Florida are as following:

i. Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail: For a group of snorkelers and divers Biscayne National Park is a perfect site in Florida. This is a home to abundant sea life and is very popular also.

ii. Molasses Reef, Key Largo: This is the very famous reef in the state and is the best shallow dive for the beginners, who don’t have much experience in scuba diving.

iii. Cave and Cavern Diving: This is the most active cave diving regions in Florida and is well known for the strong currents as well as crystal clear waters. 


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