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Famous food of Chile that you must try!

tasty chile food

Chile is a well known country which is situated at the southwestern coast of South America. This country has a wide assortment of foods such as beef, seafood, vegetables, fresh fruits and lot more. It also boasts an affluent cooking tradition, with classics such as empanadas, humitas and fresh fishes also which are mainly found along the long coastline of Chile. So here we are giving you a list of famous food of Chile that you should try.

1. Completo

Complteo meaning in Spanish in Complete and it is mainly a variation of hot dog which is very popular in Chile. It is served with the mayonnaise, and very scrumptious. Avocado and tomatoes are also added in Completo and bread was toasted slightly which gives this food a mouthwatering taste.

2. Carbonada

This is basically a meat and vegetable minestrone such as soup. This is a well known winter soup and is prepared using carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, green beans and various seasonings including small pieces of meat. Moreover, it is served in a soup dish with rich broth sprinkled with basil.

3. Chilean Empanadas

In Chile, Empanadas is one the favorite snacks are easily available in all over the country. The most popular and traditional empanada filling is known as pino. Pino is basically a mixture of minced meat, raisins, hard boiled eggs, onions and black olives. Additionally, it is mainly served with French fries and fried onion.

4. Humitas

Humita is amongst the very old dishes of Chile and is very delicious also. This dish is usually served with the sugar sprinkled on it. People on Chile take this in breakfast, lunch and even in supper also. This is a corn dish and its combination with the meat made this dish very scrumptious.

5. Locos (Concholepas abalone)

Loco normally is a shellfish which is hard white and requires to be pounded over the ashes for softening it prior to cooking. This is prepared in water and is served mainly with the potato in mayonnaise salad of lettuce. So, don’t forget to try this dish when you visit to Chile.

6. Churrasco and Chacarero

Churrasco and Chacarero are mainly the Chilean Sandwiches which you can find in many areas of Chile. These have the thin slice of sirloin steak which is known as churrasco cooked a la plancha as well as 2 slices of flat bread which is known as pan amasado. Therefore, when you will eat this you will surely find it very tasty and would like to eat more and more.

7. Pebre

Pebre is mainly a hot chili pepper sauce which you can find very easily in any restaurant of Chile. This seasoning is prepared at the base with tomatoes and topped with the chili, onion, garlic, chives, vinegar and oil. It is widely served with the warm bread which is known as pan amasado in a small dish of clay.

8. Porotos Granados

This is a stew of fresh beans and is totally a vegetarian dish. Traditional summer dish, Porotos Granados is prepared using beans, pumpkin, onions, basil, tomatoes and mashed corn. Its preparation takes a lot of time as beans are over soaked overnight. In addition to this, this dish is mainly served with rice and is very tasty. 

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