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All you need to know about Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai Shopping Festival is the biggest shopping festival in the Middle East which is clubbed with an entertainment burlesque. A shopaholic’s dream, connoisseur’s paradise, child’s fancy, family’s delight and that’s the great description for the well-known Dubai Shopping Festival 2017. More than a month long show, the shopping festival in Dubai is a varied bouquet of activities as well as festivities. It gives the country of desert an entire new set of happy and lively vibes. There, the each thing on your mind is obtainable at a lot discounted prices. Moreover, the shopping places in Dubai are not just limited to the malls; they also comprise the local hideouts and also flea market. Many times the discount goes up to a whopping 75%.

  • The dates for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 are 26th December 2016 to 28th January 2017

# What to buy at Dubai Shopping Festival 2017?

Here we are giving you a list of things which you can purchase in the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017.  

  • Gold Jewellery: Purity of gold, beautiful designs and reasonable prices are the main reasons that why this shopping festival is a great chance for you to buy gold jewellery. Here you will get the various designs form modern art to contemporary designs as your choice and requirements.

  • Apparels: If you love wearing designer clothes then this festival is best for you to buy the designer clothes. Right from your much loved brands of jeans to sexy party wear: Verri, BOGGI, Jack & Jones, Christian Louboutin, Armani, Rodeo Drive, Billionaire and many more, the fest has the whole thing you ever required in your attire.

  • Leather Jackets and Bags: UAE is well known for its high quality leather. You can stock up on some pioneering and classy leather goods such as Jashanmal, Prada, Burberry and Sharief.

  • Watches: The diamond-studded watch is a dream of many of use but you turn your dream into the reality. From Dubai Shopping Fest you can choose one from your preferred collection for definite. Michael Kors, Cartier, Burberry, ICW and Rado you can purchase watches of these brands at stingy prices after heavy discounts.

  • Home Décor: From here you can also buy the beautiful and colourful carpets as well as things that will give a new look to the décor of your home. Some of them are available at heavy discount that is 50-70%.

  • Perfumes and Cosmetics: You can purchase the branded perfumes and cosmetics at very reasonable prices of the brands like De Beers, Burberry, Bvlgari, and Chanel.

  • Exotic Spices and Dry Fruits: From Dubai Shopping Festival you can pick up the dry fruits as well as aromatic spices such as black cardamom or saffron at feasible prices.

  • Gadgets: Dubai attracts the gadget freaks because of the fact that it is a land free of taxes. You can buy the best brands and latest products of Sony, Apple, Cross Gold, Fujitsu and Vertu at very less prices.

# Some tips for shopping at Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Here we are giving you some tips which you can follow while shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

- You can download the new #MyDSF 2017 Offers App for staying updated on newest offers as well as deals for Dubai Shopping Festival 2017.

- Make out beforehand that what things will be found where. So, you should research well before you roll.

- You must wear many layers of clothes so that you can try on clothes over you t-shirt or skive. It is a chic way for avoiding the long queue for changing rooms.

- You also should exploit the sales and do not curb the advise to indulge. You can look for the good picks also what you need instantly.

# What things to do at Dubai Shopping Festival 2017?

- If you are planning to visit this grand Dubai festival, then there are a lot of things to do than only shopping. The festival sizzles with the jaw-dropping performances of celebrity, mouthwatering Dubai food tastings, live music, magic shows, juggler acts, entertaining street-performances and many more. There are colorful blaze mobs as well as hearty Raffle draws.

- If you are going with the kids, then there are a variety of fun activities for keeping them occupied. They will also meet their much loved cartoon characters like Casper, Pokemon and Tarzan.

- Fashionistas can discover the latest trends at Dubai Fashion Week and see the dazzling transformation of Dubai Mall’s famed skating rink into ‘fashion on ice’ airstrip.

- Last but not the least, another highlight of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 is the multi-colored and eye catching fireworks. The yearly ritual is an exciting experience irrespective of one’s gender or age. 


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