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All About Guhantara Resort


Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort, the first man-made cave resort of India is cradled in the busy city of Bangalore. Carved into the depths of the earth, it is as beautiful as a painting made by God himself. Your curiosity will have immense ups and downs as you venture further into the caves.  Traces of lost civilizations are treasured and stones are carved into stories turning the place into a haven of Serenity. If you want to enjoy yourself with your friends or have some me-time, this is the ultimate destination for you.

Activities to do

You'll never get bored in this resort. Every corner of Guhantara Resort is fun and explore worthy.

Some of the fun activities are:

• Bull ride

• Snooker

• Quad bike

• Rope walk

• Zorbing ball

• Horse riding

• Dance floor

• Discotheque

• Bungee Trampoline

• Fish Spa

Guhantara Resort

Reaching Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort is located 35 km away from Bangalore Palace and is reachable by public and private transportation.

Staying at Guhantara

You will find rooms divided into three variants. Each room is designed with a theme of the resort and reflects its own charms. The rooms are well equipped with comfortable beds, internet, security, air conditioning, tv, and bathrooms.

Accommodation Cost

There are two cave suites priced at Rs 5000 each. The single occupancy of the primitive variant is priced at Rs 4750 and while the double occupancy is priced at Rs 5500. The lithic room (double occupancy) is priced at Rs 6500 and the lithic suite (double occupancy) is priced at Rs 6999.

Facilities available at Guhantara Resort

From your entry to your exit, you'll be amazed by the facilities available at Guhantara Resort. With every step, you'll discover something new and interesting in the cave. You'll find yourself lost in the wonders of a man-made waterfall and other preserved treasures.

You'll have

• Wifi

• Safety Protocols


• Handicap support

• CCTV protection

• Cards acceptance

• Customer-friendly staff and other facilities.

You'll get swimming pool facilities, restaurants, SPA, Madhushala Bar, Conference hall, Outdoor Sports, Presentation room, and Kids Play Area.

Guhantara Resort

About Ayurvedic Spa

To calm your spirit and senses, there's an Ayurvedic Spa to the rescue. Perfect for a tiring day, this spa leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Guests can get appointments with resident doctors for a curative treatment plan to suit their needs. The treatments are personalized according to your needs and wants. The spas are designed to

1.    make you feel relaxed

2.   Leave you healthy

3.   detox and cleanse your body

4.   improve overall well being

5.   boost the immune system

6.   help you feel refreshed

Precautions and Essentials

• Wear light and comfortable clothes.

• ID proof is compulsory and you must carry it with yourself everywhere.

• Listen to the professionals before going for adventure sport.

• Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

• Carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes for emergencies.

• Carry minimum weight.

• Don't litter.

• Take care of your luggage.

• Carry your medicines if any.

• Bring your camera and mobile phones at your own risk.

• Take care near water bodies.

• No assurance of exclusivity.

• Take swimming attire with you (nylon clothes).

• Time is limited and selective on the Dance floor.

• Rain dance with DJ is from half an hour only.

• Payments should be made in advance

• Confirm the date and number of people before 48 hours.

Visiting and exploring Guhantara Resort is a must in a lifetime. It's a wholesome experience and comprises historic treasures, long lost civilization preserves, fun activities, luxurious rooms, and amazing architecture. It's a perfect balance of nature and human hard work. Rangamandapa is a beautiful auditorium you can visit and enjoy drinking at Madhushala Bar. You can enjoy the spa and eat at Sambhojana. Children below 5 years can enjoy it for free and it's a good trip for families, friends, individuals, photographers, and travel bloggers. Hearing the soothing fall of the waterfall and wondering through the perfect cut caves, you'll find yourself lost in a different world altogether. This trip is a short escape route to new possibilities of happiness in life and that's why you must visit. This wholesome experience of a lifetime will surely make your life more beautiful and worthwhile. If you want a short and sweet break from the busy Bangalore life, you must visit Guhantara Resort.

Guhantara Resort


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