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Why travelers must use Google maps? - By: NEETA SHARMA

Google maps

What’s the app you use mainly when you travel? Most likely something that helps you find your way around, right? Then Google map app is an implausible tool for travellers and provides plenty of benefits to make your trip easier. It provides you detailed maps, precise navigation and lots of features that helps you in your journey in lot of ways. The ever-present Google service is also a geospatial search engine for the globe around us.

Google maps

Reasons to use Google Maps:

We are giving you some reasons why you should use Google Maps while travelling.

Reliable/Trustworthy: Google Maps is a product of Google and being a Google product it is trustworthy.

Comprehensive: To start with the maps are very comprehensive and you’ll find pretty much every destination, neighbourhood and road from around the globe.

Offline maps: This feature allows you to download cities or smaller sections of the map and you can use this downloaded map offline without having a signal. This feature of Google maps is available in Android and IOS.

Street view: Google map street view gives you an access to look around in 360 mode and it feels like that you are there. By usig this you get an idea of that particular area as well as find where you require to go visually before you even reach your destination.

Can save locations: One of the new google map features is that it allows to save locations and this will sync between your devices. Means, if you have something on your desktop map, then it will become visible in the mobile version.

Driving information: When you travel you can use Google maps or Google map apps to find your route. You can also see the traffic condition in this feature.

Google Maps Tricks that you should know:

# You can create custom travel maps even in mobile phone also.

# By using a chrome browser in computer you can speed up the search process as chrome lets you make text shortcuts to an extensive assortment of search tools and Maps is one of them.

 Google maps

# Google lets you save your home and work addresses for simple access, no matter which version of Maps you are using.

Google maps

# You can plot numerous locations on Google Maps.

# Can change directions around by drag and drop.

# Those with mobility matters can now search for wheelchair-accessible transit routes.

# Know your street view key commands such as:
  • + / - zoom in / out
  • up / down arrow keys move forward / backward
  • left / right arrow keys turn left / right
  • W / S move forward / backward
  • A / D turn left / right

# Remember Where You Parked: Available for both Android and iOS users, you can tap into the location card will find a section to (a) leave a parking note  and (b) set a meter timer.

# You can also share your real time location with people for definite periods of time. When you share your location with an exact contact, they will see your icon moving in real time on their map.

# Easy to use voice commands while driving by "OK Google" voice commands in the Google Maps Android app.

# If you're driving, Google now lets you select what car shows up on your navigation. You have to tap on the arrow while in driving navigation mode for selecting your vehicle of choice.

Google maps


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