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Amazing offer: Flight at cheap price for groups

Flight at cheap price for groups

Hello everyone did you know that flight at cheap price for groups can be? The government of Hong Kong buy all the miles that people do not use,  for that reason we can get the discounts for groups, this discounts apply to whole world with exception of middle Africa, we work with the airline that you prefer! We are a serious company who wants to give your churches, teams, schools, this chance to get the discounts on airline tickets, but we have some conditions for can close the deal.

A) You should have the money of the group with you at the time of ask the quotation.

B) The company last 7 days on tickets issues.

C) We work with deals up to 50 thousand Euros.

D) You sign up a contract with us to assure the tickets, for the flights you are requesting for us!

E) If you do not have the whole money we can accept 50 per cent and sign the contract and the
other 50 percent 3 days after contract be signed. Also you can count with us for discounts in Whole Asia in land services for groups Latinamerica as well, we fly arround the world, we begin with deals in this way.

A) 50 passengers 25 per cent off of the real price with airline.

B) 100 Passengers 35 per cent off of the real price with airline.

C) 200 Passengers 45 per cent off of the real price with airline.

You can ask a quotation to us and compare with expedia or compare with any other page our discounts are for real, and also we are looking for partners outbound in Europe for can work together with this protect that is unique, if you are interested please leave your comment and we will be on touch with you. For more details mail us at: [email protected]

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