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10 Top Places in the World for Beer Lovers

Beer Lovers

Cheers! Do you like that sound? Every beer lover has its unique story of joy, happiness, fun, laughter and tears. From USA to Australia the taste of beer is unlike in every place or country. But there are some places in the world which are popularly known for the beers. These places are really a heaven for the beer lovers. Hence, here we are giving you a list of 10 Top Places in the World for Beer Lovers.

1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a famous place of Ireland is also famous worldwide for Beer. You can step into the Irish world of fantastic flavors as well as thirst breaking malty beer brews. Moreover, take a tour to the chain of the traditional brewery in the city.

* Famous Beers: Caffrey’s, Kilkenny and Mulligans

* Where to have Beer in Dublin: If you are planning your tour to Dublin, Ireland then you must Don’t forget say cheers in the oldest beer brew of the city which are The Brazen Head Pub and The Potherhead.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 2.5 to 3 Euros

2. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Everybody knows that Russia is famous for Vodka but now it is leaned more towards the Beer as compare to the Vodka shots. A new age group of beer geeks has unexpectedly strides into the doors of Moscow in Russia who are turning around the drinking culture of the place. With the development of new brews at the corner, now Moscow is the center for beer geeks.

* Famous Beers: Stary and Baltika

* Where to have Beer in Moscow: Hamovniki Venskoe is one of the oldest as well as famous brewery in Moscow, Russia.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 1 - 2 pounds

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the city of elegance and is well known as the paradise of beer lover. This place is put up on a hard assortment of local craft brews and a chain of global favorites. Hence, with the mix of global flavors as well as traditions of Prague, this place is fine dwelled with people with an exclusive flavor of beer malt.

* Famous Beers: Pilsner

* Where to have Beer in Prague: Sly Clancy’s pub is amongst the most excellent beer pub in the city.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 4 Euros approximately

4. Portland, USA

Portland, USA Oxbow beer

Portland is regarded as the largest city in Maine and is the beer house of the USA. Here, you can find various authentic restaurants which are draped all around the area of Portland. Therefore, if you can brew a beer, then you are most welcomed to this amazing city.

* Famous Beers: Novare Res, Allagash, Bunker and Oxbow

* Where to have Beer in Portland: Voyage to the city’s most excellent beer brewery is the greatest experience ever.

* Standard cost for a Pint: $50 per person

5. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany beer

Munich is amongst the best tourist destination in Germany and is also a hub for the fresh brew. There is a famous German beer hall which is the place for beer lovers. The biggest drinking festival of the city, annual Munich Oktoberfest houses over 6 million beer lovers under one roof from all around the globe.

* Famous Beers: Erdinger, Hacker-Pschorr and Paulaner

* Where to have Beer in Munich: The great German Beer Hall is the best place to have bear in the city.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 3 - 4 Euros

6. Mexico City, Mexico

 Mexico  beer

Mexico City explains its reliable series of traditional atmosphere that it offers to its beer parlors as well as in-house beer brewery. Puebla is the recently formed beer hub for the Mexicans and is just 2 hours from the city. If you are a fan of Mexican food then you should definitely visit the city and try beer then you will also be a fan of beer.

* Famous Beers: Xochipilli, Osadia, Babilonia Alquimia Mexicana and beer box.

* Where to have Beer in Mexico: At annual Puebla Beer Fest.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 2.5 USD per person

7. London, UK

London, UK beer

Beer is the blend of British history and UK offers some of the best beers in the world. London is well-known for its best fermented cask beer which is extensively known as red ale. With the real blend of 18th century British vogue, Beers in UK is the most excellent in the planet of beer lovers.

* Famous Beers: Gamma Ray, Anspach and Beaverton.

* Where to have Beer in London: If you visiting to London then you must have beer in the Old Truman Brewery.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 2.5 USD per person

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Australia is popular all over the world for its well known craft beer culture. The craft beer culture of Australia dates back to 18th century World history. At that time only few brands existed in the world and Corona is one of it. The brews in Sydney, has real merge of the city’s traditional and contemporary culture of beer making.

* Famous Beers: XXX Gold, Tooheys, Corona Extra and Carlton Draught.

* Where to have Beer in Sydney: At The old Nelson Brewery in Sydney, Australia.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 0.5 - 4.5 Australian dollars per head

9. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada beer

Montreal in Canada is famous for beer and you must visit here if you are a beer lover. Here you can enjoy the European culture and beer is blended very well with the traditional culture of Montreal. Furthermore, here you can enjoy the authentic assortment of lagers offered to its citizens.

* Famous Beers: Molson, Sleeman and Labatt.

* Where to have Beer in Montreal: At Le Cheval Blanc which is the oldest beer brewery as well as pub of Montreal.

* Standard cost for a Pint: $5 to $6 (depends upon the availability of the brand)

10. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary beer

Hungary, is the haunted place for the beer lovers and produces the viable array of best beers all over the world. In Budapest, there are four major commercial beer production houses of the world. Budapest houses both British beer vogue and German style dark beer. Hence, the Budapest beers have the finest taste which will surely stick to your taste buds for the rest of your life.

* Famous Beers: SABMiller and Heineken Hungária.

* Where to have Beer in Budapest: When you are on the city voyage never miss the craft beer brews of the city.

* Standard cost for a Pint: 1.06 pounds - 1.08 pounds.

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