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A small guide to visit Hong Kong Disneyland

disneyland hong kong

You all must have been heard about Disneyland and today we are going to talk about Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a very popular tourist destination in Hong Kong and is visited by tourists from all over the world. Hong Kong Disneyland was opened for the visitors on 12 September 2005 at Penny's Bay in Lantau Island. It is mainly a theme park and there are mainly four classic themed areas:

1. Adventure land: It mainly featured jungle themed adventures. Adventure land is biggest amongst the all and is also a home to the show of "Festival of the Lion King".

2. Main Street, U.S.A.: It is specially designed for resembling Midwest town of an early 20th-century. Main Street, U.S.A is similar to the Anaheim's main street.

3. Tomorrow land: It gives a positive vision of the future and also featured importance on metallic trim.

4. Fantasy land: It is designed to bring characters as well as places from the movies of Disney for children. In Fantasy land, there are attractions mainly based on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as well as Cinderella's Carousel.

Tips for visiting to the Hong Kong Disneyland:

Here we are giving you some tips that you should follow while visiting to Hong Kong Disneyland to make your trip memorable. These are as following:

1. You should reach early after having a ticket. The ticket is valid for the two days but you should reach early there to explore more and enjoy the shows. Moreover, if you will reach early then you don’t have to wait for the rides.

2. Wear comfortable clothes while visiting to the Disneyland, because you have to be there for the whole day. You can have rashes and other skin problems, so if you will wear loose and comfortable clothes then you can avoid these problems. Additionally, avoid wearing high heels as you have to walk a lot in the park.

3. Do not forget to carry the essential things with you, especially if you are going there with kids. As many things are available inside the park but then also you should carry a bottle of water and some snacks with you.

4. You should make assure that your camera and phone is fully charged. Disneyland is a very big place so; these should be charged to full. In addition to this, if possible then try to keep a spare battery.

5. If you are visiting to Disneyland with the old people or kids then there is no need to carry the strollers or wheelchairs. You can easily get them on rent inside the park.

6. If you are a person who love shopping then you have a lot to shop in Hong Kong Disneyland. There are various souvenir shops at each corner of the park. Here, you can buy very elegant hair clips, clothes, toys, candies, bags and lot more.

7. Last but not least, in Hong Kong, Disneyland you will find unlimited food options. There are various restaurants ranging from the Italian to Chinese to Mexican. You will find here many options in the category of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

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