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How to celebrate valentine day in long distance relationship?

valentine day long distance relationship

When you think about the Valentine then first thing comes into your mind is to be with your partner on that day. Being into a long distance relationship is hard, especially on the week of Valentine. But if you both love very much each other then there is no need to be sad. Long distance relationships are not as bad and unfeasible as they may appear to be.Here we are giving you some best ideas for those couples who are in long distance relationships to celebrate the day of love.

1. To celebrate this day being in a long relationship you can go for some letters. This is very romantic that you can send him/her some series of love letters on the various special days of Valentine. Pick up a scented paper, stick some pictures from the time you both were together, write some beautiful notes and send it. Your partner will surely find it very interesting that you plan this surprise for him/her.

2. With the advent of technology there are many apps that by using them you can have a “virtual: date with your valentine. Dress up in a good manner by picking up your favorite dress and also ask her/him to dress nicely. Then use skype of many other video calling apps for video calling, have some good food and then you will have a feeling of that you are both in front of each other and enjoying the date.

3. You can also see or download the movie that you both were planning to watch for a long time. You can pay the small amount to the You Tube and watch movie separately. But this will give you a feeling that you are watching the movie by being close to each other. And yes don’t forget to have the popcorn.

4. If you were busy in your work during the Valentine week and don’t get the time to plan something special for your partner then we are giving you an awesome idea. You can request a song for him/her on radio and obviously it should be a romantic song. There are various requests which are based on the radio shows during the Valentine week and Valentine Day.

5. It is the best idea to order online some gifts for your partner in a way so that it delivers to his/her doorsteps on the Valentine Day. He/she will certainly love your this surprise and making your love happy on the Valentine Day is has a very importance.

6. Other then all these ideas mentioned above the perfect way to celebrate Valentine Day if you are in long distance relationship is just simply give “I Love You” call. As you call your partner everyday but on this special day just show your love in a romantic way by saying I Love You at the moment when clock strikes 12. Showing love in this way is better than all the expensive gifts because this will come from your heart and will express your true feelings. 

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