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7 Best Food Items You Must Try in Bangkok

food items of bangkok

Bangkok is certainly a shoppers heaven and also an extensively recognized food city to gratify the appetites of foodies from across the world. A large part of the Bangkok experience is tasting and trying the wide assortment and sometimes complete weird food that is presented here. Here we are giving you the 7 best food items as well as beverages that you should definitely try in Bangkok. The list is as following:

1. Fried Chicken (Gai Tod)

If you are planning to go Bangkok city, then you should definitely do not miss the Fried Chicken. These golden or orange pieces of the fried chicken look very amazing and is mouth watering also. In addition, these are best served with the stick rice along with the deep fried shallots.

2. Boat Noodles (Kway Tiao Rua)

The names of the Boat Noodles come from the fact that they used to be sold from the boats floating on the canals. These delectable noodles mainly consist of the rice noodles which are served in a thick soup that is made from a mixture of pig’s stock and blood. Hence, if you are trying to taste the curious must eats in Bangkok then you should definitely try this traditional snack.

3. Sweet Potato Balls (Kanom Kai Nok Krata)

These tiny delicacies are very delicious and are deep fried spheres which contain the sweet potato, sugar as well as tapioca. But to satisfy your hunger you will need various balls because of their small size. Therefore, if you find a cart in Bangkok selling these tiny balls then you should for sure do not try to miss it. 

4. Sticky Rice Mango (Khao Neow Mamuang)

You want to taste the something sweet in Bangkok then you must try the Khao Neow Mamuang. You will find this delicious dessert mainly in the season of mango. Furthermore, this refreshing treat mainly consists of the coconut milk, sticky rice and most important ingredient mango.

5. Thai Iced Tea

If you are visiting to the Bangkok then you are in diet then you can enjoy this popular Thai beverage named as Thai Iced Tea. It is basically a strong tea which has been mixed up with the condensed cream and topped up with the little cream for good taste. In addition to this, for all those who are with the sweet tooth surely try Thai Iced Tea.

6. Sweet Rice Cake (Kanom Krok)

Kanom Krok is a must eat snack when you are in the Bangkok. It is mainly prepared in the Kanom Krok griddle and is crispy also. These delicious floury munchies when fresh off the griddle possess a little molten center which is encased with an evenly crisp and elastic casing. So, do not forget to try this snack when you are in visit to the Bangkok. 

7. Butterfly Juice

Butterfly Juice is mainly prepared with the butterfly pea flower which is rich in nutrients. This aesthetically enjoyable drink is sweet and tastes like the lemon barley. Moreover, this butterfly Juice is a great drink that you can have in Bangkok for quenching your thirst. 


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