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10 Delicious Desserts from Various Parts of India

desserts in India

India is a country which is well known in all over the World for its rich culture and cuisines also. This is a place where taking desserts after the lunch and dinner is must. The sweet dish or Desserts are the cherry topping culture of culture of India. No matter whether it is a birthday, festival or any other celebration one thing that comes to mind of all is the dessert. So, now be ready to brace yourself for some unstoppable delectable desserts as we are giving you the list of most wonderful indigenous desserts in India.

1. Modak of Maharashtra

Modak is a sweet dumpling which is very famous in Maharashtra and is widely prepared during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. Its exterior is made of wheat or rice flour and is filled from inside with the fresh jaggery or coconut.  This soft dumpling melts as soon as you eat in and gives you an endless fits of sugary pleasure.

2. Sandesh of Bengal

Bengalis are well known in all over the world for their sweet tooth, language and dessert sandesh called as ‘Sondesh’ in Bengali language. It is basically prepared using sugar and milk. This creamy and white dessert is very scrumptious and when you are on visit to Kolakta then you should definitely try this mouthwatering dessert.

3. Mysore Pak of Mysore

The favorite dessert of Mysore, Mysore Pak was first prepared in the royal palace of mysore by a cook whose name was Kakasurra. This tasty sweet dish is mainly prepared using sugar, ghee, cardamom, butter and gram flour. Hence, this delectable dessert is a pleasure to have and Mysore is the most excellent place to have it in.

4. Kalakand of Alwar

Kalakand is part of the individuality of Alwar and is scintillating sweet dish invented by the Baba Thakur Das in the year 1947. This sweet dish is very popular in Northern India and made out of using sweetened milk and cottage cheese. Therefore, Kalakand of Alwar is a must have for those visiting to this stunning district of Rajasthan state.

5. Gulab Jamun

This delicious sweet dish is a festival specialty of India and is a part of every celebration in an Indian house. Gulab Jamuns are a one of the most desired Indian sweet dishes because of its silky texture, its soaked sugar syrup and its soft crust. These tasty small balls are very scrumptious and are available in almost every region of India.

6. Gajjar Ka Halwa of Punjab

Gajjar ka halwa is one more very well-liked Indian sweet dish in the northern as well as central parts of India. It is mainly originated in Punjab and is made generally in the months of winters and is a delight to have. It is made using carrots, sugar, milk and dry fruits and is cooked on a slow flame until the milk dry. Moreover, you must try Gajjar Ka Halwa in on a cold winter evening.

7. Raj Bhog of Bihar

The look of Rajbhog of Bihar is same as the Roshogulla of Bengal. It is very tasty and very popular dsweet dish of Bihar. This delectable dessert gives you taste of enjoyment and mesmerizes your senses fairly is made out of chenna and dipped into the hot sugary syrup. Additionally, the Rajbhog of Bihar is a specialty of the place and is found in its most real taste in the state.

8. Petha of Agra

Petha of Agra is a very tasty dessert which is gorged upon by millions with huge joy. Pethas are like soft, sweet, candies which are made out of white pumpkin. This sweet dish is also a part of every celebration in North India especially during the festival of Diwali. So when you will go next to Agra then definitely try this mouthwatering Petha.

9. Jalebi and Imarti

A dessert among street foods of India, jalebi or imarti is very popular across India. It is a sweet dish satiated upon by millions every evening on Indian streets with a cup of hot tea and in many areas with curd also. This is made out of Urad flour batter which is deep-fried and after that soaked in sugar syrup. Hence, this is a sweet dish which causes an explosion of sweetness in your mouth.

10. Dharwadh Pedha

Dharwadh Pedha is mainly invented by the Thalur family in Karnataka about 175 years ago. These are found only in the town of Dharwadh and are a wonderful sweet of south India, which has pleased the tongues of the local people here for more than the 100 years. This is made out of thick milk and sugar and is a must try sweet dish when you travel to Karnataka. 


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