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7 Popular Folk Dances of Rajasthan

dance of rajasthan

The Dances in Rajasthan traces their source to the rural customs as well as traditions. The people who perform the dances are till now following the traditions and customs of ancient times. People in this state of India, have their own customs to enjoy the evening in the variety of dance and folk music. In Rajasthan, the desert comes living when the entertainers carry out the folk dances. Here we are giving you a list of 7 popular folk dance of Rajasthan. These are as following:

1. Ghoomar: Ghoomar is a mainly a community dance type of the Rajputs and is performed by the women of the home. Word Ghoomar is derived from the word ghoomana, that means moving in the circles. There is a wonderful charm as the skirts of the women flare slowly while they twirl in circles and their faces are covered by the veil. Moreover, a new bride when welcomed on her husband’s home then it is expected to perform the Ghoomar dance as it is the one of the customs of the wedding.

2. Chari: Chari Dance is most popular dance of Rajasthan which is generally performed in the region of Kishangarh. In this the dancers dance with a Chari or pot on the head. The Brass pots are positioned on the head on the dancers and have a fire burning on it. Then the dancers dance gracefully and do remarkable foot movements while rhythmist on the beats of the music.

3. Gair: Gair is one well known dance forms of the Bhil tribes. In this dance, both men and women perform and it is mostly done during the festival of Holi. While dancing, men usually wear long pleated tunics which are open into the skirts of full length as they move in the clockwise and anti clockwise direction. They also beat the sticks for creating the rhythm when they turn while dancing.

4. Kachhi Ghodi: Kachhi Ghodi dance is basically an initiated from the Bandit area of Shekhawati. This dance is done by the men for the amusement in the party of bridegroom. The men wear dhotis, kurtas and turbans which are sumptuously decorated and ride on the dummy horses. In addition, this dance form is an ideal form to experience the regal culture of rajput people in Rajasthan.

5. Kathputli: Kathputli Dance means the dances of puppets  and is well-known all over the world and is renowned as the Puppetry dance. It is the mature custom of stories from ritual and tale of the past are told throughout puppets in Rajasthan. Besides, it is prehistoric and well-liked type of folk entertainment in Rajasthan and this dance is considered as most important comparatively to all the dramatic forms.

6. Bhavai: Bhavai dance is one of the most astonishing dance of the Rajasthan state. In this dance, the women wearing a veil make an equilibrium of up to seven or nine brass pots as they dance agilely, pirouetting, and then swaying with the base of their feet by balance on top of a glass and sometimes on the edge of a weapon also. Their dance is dispensed with its of hardword as well as elegance which is a classic example of what Rajasthan is evidence of.

7. Kalbeliya: This dance form is mainly performed by the kalbeliyan society of Rajasthan. In this dance form the dancers performs by wearing the black attire along with unblemished accessories and carry out various stunts of bending as well as wheeling with the local music of Rajasthan.

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