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7 Best Shopping Places in Singapore

shopping in singapore

If you love shopping then you should definitely visit to Singapore for shopping once in a life. This place is well known as a shopping center of Asia and there is a plethora of modern shopping malls in Singapore which gives you an overwhelming shopping experience. In Singapore there are many places that can help you with shopping on fixed funds and from where you can find things at the reasonable rates. Singapore is a fashion heaven for millions of tourists and visitors, who come not only to see the places of interests but also to purchase the most stylish and fashionable items. Below there is a list of places where you can go for shopping in Singapore.

1. Mustafa Centre

The Mustafa Shopping Centre is also a famous place to have the most excellent budget shopping experience in Singapore. On visiting this place you will be amazed with its vast selection of items which includes cosmetics, watches, consumer electronics, jewellery, household items, gadgets and various other types of products. While hundreds of Singapore shopping centres close at night, the top thing about Mustufa Shopping Centre is the accessibility as it is open 24 x 7 for the shoppers and that’s the reasons people choose this place for shopping.

2. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is well known as one of the major street markets not only in Singapore, but all across in the South-East Asia. This place has more than 600 shops and most of them sell shoes, fashion clothing, and accessories. If you are a fashionista then you will be surely be impressed by all the newest and trendiest things that are updated approximately each day. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast of the place that has a dense crowd then you will love it for no doubt.

3. Scape Shopping Mall

Scape shopping mall is a well known shopping mall of Singapore provides a fantastic experience to the shoppers. The best thing about this shopping mall is that you will find here the things at very competitive prices. Simple accessories, casual clothing, sunglasses, sweet and chocolate, souvenirs, low-end watches, medicated oil products and many others items you can find easily in this shopping mall.

4. Lucky Plaza

Lucky plaza is very famous and one of the oldest shopping mall in Singapore with 100’s of shops which provide all sorts of things. With no trouble you can find superb things from this place for 2 SGD to 10 SGD. The fourth level of the Lucky plaza is renowned for various cheap stalls as well as shops. Furthermore, the perfume stores of this plaza also sell branded perfumes in trial sizes. So, if you want to try out various types of perfumes then the Lucky Plaza might be your perfect choice.

5. The Anchor Point

Being a concealed gem, only identified by local savvy shoppers, Anchor point is a shopping place in Singapore which provides the shoppers a comfortable as well as pleasurable shopping experience. The most excellent thing about the Anchor Point is here that you will find various reckoned brands such as Billabong, FOX Outlet, G2000, Capitol Optical Outlet, Charles and Keith, Pedro Outlet and many over here. Additionally, here you will find the 20% - 70% sales in all season on diverse shops.

6. Muji Singapore

Muji is basically a Japanese based retail store which has more than 12 branches all over the Singapore. This place has various products with an expanded product lines which are all developed in-house for ensuring the best quality. They cover range of every product from fashion, interior, living, kitchen and decoration. The most excellent thing about Muji is the cost as they are fairly inexpensive and therefore preferred by a lot of shoppers in Singapore.

7. Little India, Singapore

With its plenty of radiant colours and intriguing smells, Little India stands out similar to a painful thumb in a city frequently dismissed as being just a huge city of skyscrapers as well as malls. The center is transformed during the Indian festival Diwali into an unbelievable display of lights and Indian decorations with markets. Another stunning festival is Thaipusam, a spiritual festivity that takes place at the Hindu temples there in the month of January or February. Hence, Serangoon Road is simply connected by the side lanes, which makes shopping around a breeze. 

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