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15 Interesting Ways to Celebrate New Year Eve at Home: By- NEETA SHARMA

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Now, the time is near to say goodbye to the year 2019 and welcome 2020. Many of you had already planned to what to do for celebrating New Year. But if you didn’t have any plans and time to go for a 2-3 days trip then it is best to celebrate the New Year this time at home. Spending the eve of New Year at home with your family can be a best chance to bond, enjoy together as well as bring in the New Year with your dear ones. We are giving you 15 interesting ways for celebrating the New Year’s Eve at home. These are as following:

1. You should consider making toffee cookies or other desserts that you can make together as a family and eat all through New Year’s Eve night.

2. Bring your friends as one and make resolution of New Year altogether.

3. You can even prepare other mocktails such as cranberry sparklers, peppermint drinks and strawberry-kiwi spritzers.

4. If you as well as your family members are starting to experience tiredness, then you should consider making some fun coffee drinks with and with no alcohol.

5. Make your own balloons filled confetti by using petite colored paper and then pop it at midnight. 

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6. You should bring out card games, board games, electronic games and group video games to play as you wait for the clock to hit the midnight.

7. Watching a movie can be just one feature of your New Year’s Eve plans or you can revolve it into a movie epic. You can also utilize this time in watching the old home videos and recall on good times.

8. You can also arrange an area of your residence to be the photo booth stage. You can even print out some pretext type costume pieces as well as have your very own photo props.

9. Dance all the night away with your family members and friends on full volume of music player.

 10. You can also fill up the small bags with diverse snacks and goodies to open up at each hour leading up to midnight. Ideas for bag fillers include Candy, Craft kits and many others.

11. You can make your own party hats with some creation paper, cord and decorating supplies. You can also create the noisemakers by putting glitter and confetti inside unfilled water bottles. Then just twist on the cap and tremble to stridently bring in the New Year.

12. If there are small children in your home then you can also consider celebrating the New Year with a diverse country’s midnight.

13. You should dim the lights and take pleasure in some scented candles as the clock strikes 12 midnight. 

14. It is a great idea to do a treasure hunt around the home by putting clues under the chair, couch or tables. One who will find the treasure first then he/she will get a dare to do something.

15. When the clock hits the midnight, everybody should have their drinks ready to toast, hold and wish each other a Happy New Year.


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